NRG Sign Frexs as their Third Apex Legends Player

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NRG Sign Frexs as their Third Apex Legends Player

After a month-long search for a third member, Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez has been announced as the newest member of the NRG Apex Legends roster. Frexs is a great addition to the roster, after having a brief stint in the professional scene on Cloud 9 and Team Reciprocity. He replaces the recently departed Coby “Dizzy” Meadows, who had been with NRG since the game's launch in February 2019.

Frexs has spent the last few months grinding his twitch channel. He has streamed over 10+ a day and publicly become a better player. With the dedication to his twitch channel and the game, Frexs’ persistence has paid off.

Although, the news isn’t a total surprise, as he recently scrimmed with Brandon “Ace” Winn and Marshall “Mohr” Mohr on his twitch channel. Both of his teammates on stream are the two other members of the NRG squad.

The new NRG roster is currently in practice mode for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series. Respawn Entertainment and EA announced in December their 2020 esports season for Apex Legends, with a $3 million USD prize pool allocated for the year.

The first event of the year begins on January 25th and runs through January 27th. The event is  called the Apex Legends Online Tournament One, which provides access to Apex Legends Major One in March.

NRG is one of North America’s most prestigious teams already. They won at TwitchCon San Diego on September 29th, earning $60,000. However, they have a long way to go before they can consistently dethrone the likes of TSM and Rogue, who are the fan favorites of the region.

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If the team mends well, NRG Esports may come back to the top of the NA powerhouses. It will certainly be interesting to see how NRG fair in the online tournament at the end of the month.

So far, Frex looks like a great fit for NRG. NRG fans will surely accept him if he can recreate promo video moments in competitive games. As we know, the love for dizzy is still strong with the Apex Legends community. Because of that, Frex has some impressing to do.

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