No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 5

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No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 5

Uncover the Autophage Lore by completing the No Man's Sky Expedition 11 – ‘Voyagers' Phase 5 with our easy-to-follow guide

The recently introduced No Man's Sky Expedition 11: Voyagers centers on uncovering the enigmatic Autophage lore while exploring the boundless universe. Just like previous Expeditions, Voyagers features a plethora of Milestones brimming with unique and enticing rewards.

This guide will be helping you navigate the final of the 5 phases in the expeditions, and we will be linking all other Phases at the end of this article. So without further ado, let's head into Phase 5 of NMS's 11th Expedition.

How to Begin Expedition 11 – Voyagers

To begin NMS Expedition 11: Voyagers, check out our Phase 1 guide

Phase 5:

No Man's Sky Expedition 11 - Easy Steps To Complete Phase %
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Here is a run down of all the activities needed to complete the final phase of the expedition.

Reach the Final Rendezvous Point

Select the location from your Expedition menu and travel to the correct system and planet. Use your scanner to find the location and visit it to complete the milestone ‘Rendezvous 5‘. You will be rewarded 1,200 Nanites, 3 Inventory Slots, a Multi-Tool Expansion Slot and Storage Augmentation.

All Dark and Darker Extraction Points Exact Locations (2024)

Discover 26 plants

Throughout your journey, always remember to scan fauna on every planet. Soon, you will unlock the milestone ‘Botanist' and be rewarded by 20 Triple Burst Fireworks, 99 Kelp Sac, and Dirt.

Discover a Planet with Paradise Quotient Over 90%

Look for Paradise Worlds throughout your journey and land on them. As there is not way to track the quotient from space, so you have to land there. Completing this will give you the ‘Eternal Garden‘ milestone and reward you with 32 Salvaged Data and an Interstellar Fancy.

Scan a Herbivore at least 7 Meters High

These creatures will be hard to miss due to their height. As long as you keep an eye out for them, you will surely come across one eventually. Completing this will grant you the milestone ‘Hooves of Thunder‘ and reward you with a Dream Aerial.

Scan 6 Exotic Creatures

An easy way to find such creatures is to land on planets with only 1 creature in the Discovery Menu, as they are usually the only creature on the planet. Finding and scanning them will grant you the milestone ‘Xenobiology‘ and award you with Assorted Glitches

Accumulate 7,700 Nanites

The easiest ways to earn Nanites is to by killing Sentinel Interceptors and collecting their Hyaline Brain drops, and then selling them at Space Stations.  Eventually, you will earn the milestone ‘Reality Grains‘ and be awarded 500 Quicksilver

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Learn 9 Korvax Words

Once you visit Korvax systems, you can learn the words from Korvax present in the Space Station or Trading Posts. You can also learn them from Knowledge Stones available on the planets there. Once you do, you will unlock the milestone ‘Linguistic Decoding‘ and be rewarded with a Divergence Cube, 2 Memory Fragments, and Lubricant.

Destroy 40 Asteroids

When flying in Space, you can use your Pulse Engine to pulse near asteroids belts. You can then use your starship weapons to shoot and destroy as many asteroids as you can. This will grant you the ‘Stardust‘ milestone and award you with an Emergency Signal Scanner and 2 Supreme Pulse Engine Upgrades.

Fully Completing the Expedition

That wraps up the entire No Man's Sky Expedition 11: Voyagers. Upon completion of the expedition, you will get unique rewards including an Electric-themed Jetpack Trail for your Exosuit, a Poster, A Mechanical Paw, Base Ornaments and a HoverDroid Companion.  In case you have any of the Phases' milestones incomplete, you can visit our Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4 guides here.



No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 5
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