No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 3

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No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 3

Uncover the Autophage Lore by completing the No Man's Sky Expedition 11 – ‘Voyagers' Phase 3 with our easy-to-follow guide

The recently introduced No Man's Sky Expedition 11: Voyagers centers on uncovering the enigmatic Autophage lore while exploring the boundless universe. Just like previous Expeditions, Voyagers features a plethora of Milestones brimming with unique and enticing rewards.

This guide will be helping you navigate the third of the 5 phases in the expeditions, and we will be linking all other Phases at the end of this article. So without further ado, let's head into Phase 3 of NMS's 11th Expedition.

How to Begin Expedition 11 – Voyagers

To begin NMS Expedition 11: Voyagers, check out our Phase 1 guide. 

Phase 3:

No Man's Sky Expedition 11 - Easy Steps To Complete Phase 3
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Here is a run down of all the activities needed to complete the third phase of the expedition.

Reach the Third Rendezvous Point

Select the location from your Expedition menu and travel to the correct system and planet. Use your scanner to find the location and visit it to complete the milestone ‘Rendezvous 3‘. You will be rewarded 1,200 Nanites, 3 Inventory Slots, a Multi-Tool Expansion Slot and Storage Augmentation.

Discover a Planet with Hostility Quotient Over 84%

Find and visit the most hostile worlds with extreme indicators like temperature, storms and creatures.  This will give you the ‘Unwelcome‘ milestone, and reward you with 5 Larval Cores, 2 Supreme Hyperdrive Upgrades, and a Pre-Packaged Launch Auto-Charger Unit.

Harvest 18 Plants 

When landing on any planet, find plants using the scanner and harvest their resources using the Haz-Mat Gaunlet Unit which you got from ‘Corrosive Blood‘ milestone in Phase 2. This will grant you ‘The Bounty‘ milestone and reward you with 16 Refined Flour, 16 Processed Sugar, 16 Synthetic Honey, and Nutrient Processor Plans.

Scan a Creature with Body Temperature Over 60°C

Look for hot plants and scan all the creatures until you find one. Doing so will grant you the ‘Hot Blooded‘ milestone and reward you with a Supreme Mining Beam Upgrade and Fire Water.

Find 6 Vortex Cubes 

These cubes can be found in or around caves on almost any planet in No Man's Sky. Finding these will give you the ‘Mystery Vortex‘ milestone and reward you with Craftable Component Plans

Visit a System with a Red Star

Open the Galaxy Map and warp to any system that hosts a red star. Upon completion, you will get the ‘Red Skies‘ milestone and be rewarded an Anomaly Detector, a Supreme Launch Thrusters Upgrade, and a Portable Reactor.

Tunnel Underground for 2,400 Units

Land on any planet and use your Terrain Manipulator to dig underground. Keep digging and you will soon unlock the ‘Fear The Sun‘ milestone. You will also be rewarded with a Portal Glyph Set and 17 Salvaged Data.  

Learn 7 Vy'keen Words

Once you visit Vy'keen systems, you can learn the words from Vy'keens present in the Space Station or Trading Posts. You can also learn them from Knowledge Stones available on the planets there. Once you do, you will unlock the milestone ‘Grah! Grah! Grah!' and be rewarded with 440 Emeril, a Forbidden Multi-Tool Module, a Pre-Packaged Advanced Translator Unit, and Golden Table Plans.

Fully Completing the Expedition

Now that you have completed Third Phase, you can move on to the other Phases (4 and 5) to fully complete the 11th Expedition: Voyagers.  Upon completion of the expedition, you will get unique rewards including an Electric-themed Jetpack Trail for your Exosuit, a Poster, A Mechanical Paw, Base Ornaments and a HoverDroid Companion.



No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 3
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