No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 4

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No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 4

Uncover the Autophage Lore by completing the No Man's Sky Expedition 11 – ‘Voyagers' Phase 4 with our easy-to-follow guide

The recently introduced No Man's Sky Expedition 11: Voyagers centers on uncovering the enigmatic Autophage lore while exploring the boundless universe. Just like previous Expeditions, Voyagers features a plethora of Milestones brimming with unique and enticing rewards.

This guide will be helping you navigate the fourth of the 5 phases in the expeditions, and we will be linking all other Phases at the end of this article. So without further ado, let's head into Phase 4 of NMS's 11th Expedition.

How to Begin Expedition 11 – Voyagers

To begin NMS Expedition 11: Voyagers, check out our Phase 1 guide

Phase 4:

No Man's Sky Expedition 11 - Easy Steps To Complete Phase 4
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Here is a run down of all the activities needed to complete the fourth phase of the expedition.

Reach the Fourth Rendezvous Point

Select the location from your Expedition menu and travel to the correct system and planet. Use your scanner to find the location and visit it to complete the milestone ‘Rendezvous 4‘. You will be rewarded 1,200 Nanites, 3 Inventory Slots, a Multi-Tool Expansion Slot and Storage Augmentation.

Travel Through a Portal

Fly to any Space Station and use the portal there to travel anywhere else, such as another Space Station, your base, or your Freighter. Doing so will give you the ‘Anomalous Travel‘ milestone, and reward you with a Forbidden Exosuit Module, 20 Navigational Data and 440 Emeril.

Earn 200,000 Units by Scanning a Single Creature

Upgrade your Scanner with Supreme modules and scan as many creatures as you can. A rare one will grant you the milestone ‘Priceless‘. You will also be rewarded Personal Refiner Mk 2 Plans and Diplo Chunks.

Visit a System with a Blue Star 

Open the Galaxy Map and warp to any system that hosts a blue star. Upon completion, you will get the ‘Blue Expanse‘ milestone and be rewarded Nautilon Chamber Plans, Nautilon Advanced Equipment Blueprints, and a Supreme Submarine Drive Upgrade.

Reach 80 Units Under Sea Level

Swim or use the Nautilon in a water world to reach the bottom of the ocean. If it is deep enough, you will get the milestone ‘Under Pressure‘ and rewards including a Terrifying Sample, 2 Powerful Underwater Oxygen Upgrades, and Marine Shelter Plans. 

Enter a Black Hole

Ask Nada and Polo in the Anomaly for Black Hole locations and then warp to the system. After flying into it, you will get the ‘Event Horizon‘ milestone and be rewarded 15 Salvaged Frigate Modules, 3 Cargo Bulkheads, and a Terrifying Sample.

Scan 10 Undiscovered Aquatic Creatures

When exploring a water world, scan and record 10 aquatic creatures to complete ‘The Teeming Oceans‘ milestone and to be rewarded a Pre-Packaged Efficient Water Jets Unit, 1234 Oxygen, and a Supreme Submarine Drive Upgrade.

Find and Acquire an Aquatic Treasure

Equip your Naution with High-Powered Sonar and use it to scan the location of an Aquatic Treasure under the water. Unlock the treasure by completing a short puzzle around the structure where it is located. That will give you the ‘Gold from Salt' milestone and reward you 3 Gold Nuggets and Underwater Construction Plans.

Fully Completing the Expedition

Now that you have completed Fourth Phase, you can move on to the final Phase (Phase 5) to fully complete the 11th Expedition: Voyagers.  Upon completion of the expedition, you will get unique rewards including an Electric-themed Jetpack Trail for your Exosuit, a Poster, A Mechanical Paw, Base Ornaments and a HoverDroid Companion.



No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 4
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