No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 1

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No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 1

Uncover the Autophage Lore by completing the No Man's Sky Expedition 11 – ‘Voyagers' Phase 1 with our easy-to-follow guide

The recently introduced No Man's Sky Expedition 11: Voyagers centers on uncovering the enigmatic Autophage lore while exploring the boundless universe. Just like previous Expeditions, Voyagers features a plethora of Milestones brimming with unique and enticing rewards.

This guide will be helping you navigate the first of the 5 phases in the expeditions, and we will be linking all other Phases at the end of this article. So without further ado, let's head into Phase 1 of NMS's 11th Expedition.

How to Begin Expedition 11 – Voyagers

No Man's Sky Expedition 11 - Easy Steps To Complete Phase 1
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To embark on the exciting NMS Expedition 11: Voyagers, the process is straightforward. Follow these simple steps to begin your journey:

  1. Create a New Save File: Start by creating a fresh save file, because you cannot participate in Expedition Eleven using an existing saved game.
  2. Access the Community Expedition Tab: Launch No Man's Sky's main menu. Look for the “Community Expedition” tab, and select it.
  3. Initialize the Expedition: Inside the “Community Expedition” tab, you'll find Expedition 11: Voyagers listed. Choose the option to “Initialize Expedition” and begin the expedition starting with the first phase.

With these steps completed, you'll be ready to dive into the narrative journey of NMS Expedition Eleven: Voyagers.

Phase 1:

Here is a run down of all the activities needed to complete the first phase of the expedition.

Land on a Planet

Get on your ship and land on the nearest planet. You will get the milestone ‘Planetside‘ and be rewarded 50 Creature Pellets, a Powerful Mining Beam Upgrade and Hyperdrive Plans.

Warp to a New System

After installing the Hyperdrive Plans, you can charge it with a Warp Core, open the Galaxy Map and then select any nearby system you have yet to visit and warp to it. You will get the milestone ‘Interstellar‘ and be rewarded Base Computer Plans, and a Pre-Packaged Teleporter Receiver Unit.

Establish a Base

Build and set up a Base Computer using the plans and establish a base on a planet. This will reward you the milestone ‘Homecoming‘ and reward to Decorative Base Parts.

Scan 14 Undiscovered Creatures

Use your scanner to register 14 different creatures on various planets. This will reward you the ‘Naturalist‘ milestone and you will get a Powerful Scanning System Upgrade and a Powerful Hazard Protection Upgrade.

Explore 8,000 Units on Foot

Walk as much as possible from the start of your expeditions. Avoid flying all together, and you should reach 8,000 units very quickly. Upon completion, you will get the milestone ‘The Pilgrim‘ and be rewarded a Supreme Movement System Upgrade and a Powerful Life Support Upgrade.

Adopt 2 Companions

Give 2 creatures Creature Pellets to befriend them. Its easier to do it on ‘Planetside‘ with the reward. You will get the milestone ‘Companionship‘ and be rewarded 6 NipNip Buds and 3 Inventory Slots.

Reach the Rendezvous Point

Track the milestone from the expedition menu, warp to the system and land on the planet indicated. Use the scanner to track your objective and visit it to get the ‘Rendezvous 1‘ milestone. You will also be awarded 1,200 Nanites, 3 Inventory Slots, a Multi-Tool Expansion Slot and Storage Augmentation.

Fully Completing the Expedition

Now that you have completed the first Phase, you can move on to the other Phases (2, 3, 4 and 5) to fully complete the 11th Expedition: Voyagers.  Upon completion of the expedition, you will get unique rewards including an Electric-themed Jetpack Trail for your Exosuit, a Poster, A Mechanical Paw, Base Ornaments and a HoverDroid Companion.



No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 1
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