No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 2

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No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 2

Uncover the Autophage Lore by completing the No Man's Sky Expedition 11 – ‘Voyagers' Phase 2 with our easy-to-follow guide

The recently introduced No Man's Sky Expedition 11: Voyagers centers on uncovering the enigmatic Autophage lore while exploring the boundless universe. Just like previous Expeditions, Voyagers features a plethora of Milestones brimming with unique and enticing rewards.

This guide will be helping you navigate the second of the 5 phases in the expeditions, and we will be linking all other Phases at the end of this article. So without further ado, let's head into Phase 2 of NMS's 11th Expedition.

How to Begin Expedition 11 – Voyagers

To begin NMS Expedition 11: Voyagers, check out our Phase 1 guide

Phase 2:

No Man's Sky Expedition 11 - Easy Steps To Complete Phase 2
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Here is a run down of all the activities needed to complete the second phase of the expedition.

Reach the Second Rendezvous Point

Select the location from your Expedition menu and travel to the correct system and planet. Use your scanner to find the location and visit it to complete the milestone ‘Rendezvous 2‘. You will be rewarded 1,200 Nanites, 3 Inventory Slots, a Multi-Tool Expansion Slot and Storage Augmentation.

Climb a Mountain of at least 625 Units

Travel to Rocky planets or try to find the highest mountain in your ‘Rendezvous 2‘ planet. This will give you ‘The Hills Are Alive‘ milestone and reward you a Pre-Packaged Thermic Layer Unit and a Supreme Hazard Protection Upgrade.

Collect 7 Storms Crystals 

Find a planet with Magnetized elements, as they usually have storms. Wait for a storm to start and use your scanner to hunt down Storm Crystals. This will give you the ‘Bottled Lightning‘ milestone and reward you with Wonder Projector Plans, Waveform Recycler Plans, a Pre-Packaged Advanced Mining Laser Unit, and a Pre-Packaged Personal Refiner Unit.

Scan a Creature with Blood pH Under 2.5

Find toxic worlds and scan its creatures until you find one. Doing so will give you the ‘Corrosive Blood' milestone and reward you with a Supreme Defensive Systems Upgrade and a Pre-Packaged Haz-Mat Gauntlet Unit.

Scan a Predator with Aggression Levels Over 27.5pav

Find and land on planets marked as hostile and scan every creature there. The starting system of the expedition, the Oishida system, has a planet named Aieus S3 with such predators. You will unlock the ‘Hunter/Killer‘ milestone and be rewarded a Pre-Packaged Cloaking Device Unit, 2 Supreme Boltcaster Upgrades, and a Pre-Packaged Paralysis Mortar Unit.

Visit a Planet with Temperature Under -80°C

Scan planets from space and land in one with the Frozen Biome. Completing this will give you the ‘Deep Freeze‘ milestone and rewards including a Supreme Scanning System Upgrade and a Pre-Packaged Trade Rocket Unit.

Build a Wonder Projector

Build one with plans acquired from the ‘Bottled Lightening‘ milestone. This will give you the milestone ‘The Collector‘ and reward you with Assorted Planetary Charts and Specialized Warp Blueprints

Excavate an Ancient Dig Site

Buy charts from the Space Station and use them until one reveals an Ancient Dig Site on a world. Use your scanner to find them and your Terrain Manipulator to excavate them. In doing so, you will get the ‘All that Glitters‘ milestone and be rewarded an Atlas Pass Set and a Pre-Packaged Optical Drill Unit.  

Fully Completing the Expedition

Now that you have completed the second Phase, you can move on to the other Phases (3, 4 and 5) to fully complete the 11th Expedition: Voyagers.  Upon completion of the expedition, you will get unique rewards including an Electric-themed Jetpack Trail for your Exosuit, a Poster, A Mechanical Paw, Base Ornaments and a HoverDroid Companion.

No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 – Easy Steps To Complete Phase 2
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