New Valorant Map “Canyon” Leaked: Everything You Should Know

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New Valorant Map “Canyon” Leaked: Everything You Should Know

Will the next Act feature a new map?

Notable Valorant data miner and leaker “Mike” has confirmed the development of a Valorant new map. The leak was shared as a Twitter post hours ago through his account. The leak comes as an exciting piece of news for enthusiastic fans who are always eager for any new content. The game debuted its latest map Breeze in April, and the recent leak will re-ignite the fuel of discussion among Valorant Redditors.

Canyon Map Details

As of right now, there are no solid details about the upcoming map except a group of Valorant data miners confirming its existence. The data miners have labeled the new map as Canyon. Apart from that, the one-year anthem teaser that dropped last month might have some hidden details regarding the new map. One particular image from the teaser trailer displays a volcano in the shape of a canyon. Additionally, there is another image of an isolated location at the top of a mountain or volcano. Riot Games is notoriously popular among fans to place such Easter eggs in various teasers or posters.

When will Canyon release?

A collage of Valorant heroes pose in different stances on a blue and red split background.
Source: Riot Games

The ongoing Episode 2 Act 1 was extended by another two weeks by the developers and will now end on September 18. So, the next season will hopefully drop around the very next day. If the new map Canyon is in its early stage of development, the map definitely won't feature as new game content for the upcoming season. But, if the developers were working on the map for an extended period, the new map may hit the game servers pretty soon. Seeing the past release dates, it's fairly likely that the new map will release around Act 3 in October. Anyway, we still need to wait for official confirmation from the side of Riot Games until we know for sure.

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