New Dota 2 Bug Makes Marci Almost Invincible

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New Dota 2 Bug Makes Marci Almost Invincible

Dota 2 players have identified a new bug that has made Marci nearly invulnerable in the game 

Some Dota 2 players have discovered a new bug that overpowers the hero Marci and severely hampers gameplay balance. This particular bug grants Marci an unfair advantage by enabling her to continuously unleash overwhelming damage through her ultimate ability, “Unleash.” The exploit was brought to light via a YouTube video, showcasing the alarming extent of this glitch and its disruptive impact on matches.

The Dota 2 Marci Glitch 

The Marci bug activates when a player triggers Unleash, and rapidly initiates a sequence of dropping and picking up the Bloodstone item. To trigger it, a player needs to upgrade the Sidekick ability at least once and obtain Aghanim's Scepter. Meeting these specific conditions allows players to take advantage of this bug and exploit favorable battle positions.

The bug shows greater effectiveness when manipulated through scripts. As described on Reddit, the newly expanded area-of-effect (AoE) bonus of Bloodstone creates a ripple effect on Sidekick's passive ability. This interaction manages to reapply the ability enhancement to Marci, tricking the system into recognizing it as an ability usage, which then triggers the Aghanim-based pulse during Unleash. As a result, the action of dropping or picking up Bloodstone leads to multiple unleash pulses during the ultimate.

This bug presents a significant threat to fair gameplay. When players exploit this issue with specialized scripts and programs, Marci becomes nearly invulnerable in battles. This severely impacts the game's balance and leads to discontent among other players.

When Did Marci Arrive in Dota 2?

Following a surprise announcement during TI10, Marci debuted as a playable character in the 7.30e patch released in October 2021. Her initial appearance was in the 2D Dota 2 anime, “DOTA: Dragon's Blood.” Marci is classified as a strength-based, melee hero versatile enough to function effectively in both support and carry roles.

Boasting strength beyond her diminutive appearance, Marci is a hero who can blitz through battles and unleash a relentless barrage of rapid strikes against her foes. One of her signature moves is to grab either an ally or foe and toss them backward with a damaging impact that stuns enemy units upon landing. The landing area becomes a zone of havoc, damaging and stunning any unfortunate enemies caught within its reach.

New Dota 2 Bug Makes Marci Almost Invincible

Credit: Valve

Marci's skill set also includes tethering herself to a targeted unit and choosing the direction and distance for her to leap away from it. Upon reaching the target, she swiftly moves to her final location, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the vicinity. If she lands near an allied unit, it gains a valuable 35% increase in movement speed for 5 seconds.

Unleash is the most potent weapon in her arsenal. Marci accumulates Fury charges to execute rapid successions of strikes, each concluding with a potent pulse around the target. This pulse impairs movement and attack speed for 2 seconds. In the intervals between these Fury combos, there's a momentary 1.5-second pause where she refrains from attacking. Activating Unleash grants Marci a vital dispel and a significant 15% surge in movement speed.

Marci in 7.34e

Marci is one of the most buffed heroes in the current 7.34e patch. Her sidekick cast range went from 700 to 1000. This update significantly improves Marci's gameplay, particularly in the support role.

Previously, Marci had to be near her ally to give them the sidekick buff. Thanks to this recent improvement, however, she can now grant this useful buff from a much greater distance. This change proves highly convenient, especially when Marci chooses to build Aether Lens, a favored option among players who prefer a support-focused Marci playstyle.

New Dota 2 Bug Makes Marci Almost Invincible
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