Most Effective Valorant Agent Comp on Breeze in 2023

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Most Effective Valorant Agent Comp on Breeze in 2023

Win your Valorant ranked games by running this agent comp on Breeze

Breeze has finally returned to the map rotation after getting removed from the pool in Patch 6.0. During this period of absence, the game's meta has undergone substantial changes. Several new agents have joined the roster, and various existing agents have experienced noteworthy adjustments through buffs and nerfs. Additionally, the map itself has undergone a massive overhaul, marking one of the most significant map reworks in Valorant's history, which took place in Patch 7.04.

With all the changes, it is only natural that we will be seeing a fresh perspective on creating the optimal agent composition for Breeze going forward. In the current state of the game's meta, we believe the most effective agent comp for the revamped Breeze map is as follows:

Best Valorant Agent Comp on Breeze

  • Duelist – Yoru
  • Sentinel  – Cypher
  • Controller – Viper
  • Initiator #1 – Sova
  • Initiator #2 – KAYO

We believe the best team composition for Breeze at the moment would consist of two initiators, along with one agent from each of the remaining three roles. 

During the last VCT event- Valorant Champions 2022- that featured Breeze in its active map pool, there was a heavy focus on utilizing a double initiator composition. We believe this trend will persist as the map makes its return. Despite the changes, the map is still massive, and you require two initiators in your team to properly maintain control of all the crucial areas of the map.

In contrast to the recent inclination of favoring two controller agents and omitting sentinels, our rationale for selecting one agent from each of the remaining three roles is rooted in recognizing that a Sentinel agent can offer substantial advantages on a massive map like Breeze. Additionally, Viper's abilities, particularly her Toxic Screen, prove to be enough for blocking off the essential angles in both offensive and defensive scenarios. Hence, there’s no need for an additional controller.

Agent Comp on Breeze

Image Source: Riot Games

Agent Breakdown

Keep up with us as we show you the pick rate of each agent and break down their roles on this map:


  • Agent Pick Rate: 20.8%
  • Win Percentage: 46.0%

Although Yoru was occasionally used on Breeze, Jett has consistently held the position of the preferred duelist on this map since its introduction. However, following the recent patch that delivered the most significant nerf to the Korean duelist, Jett's potential impact has become uncertain. That is why we advocate for Yoru as a more fitting choice on Breeze when compared to Jett or any other duelist, for that matter.

Yoru excels on bigger maps with long site lines, as his Gatecrashes have huge outplay potential. Additionally, considering the lengthy rotations required on Breeze, Yoru's ability to instantly rotate proves to be an invaluable asset.

A duelist’s primary job is to enter the site for his team. One might argue that the Japanese agent isn't as proficient as Raze or Jett when it comes to breaking through a site's defenses. However, it's still entirely feasible to accomplish this objective through Yoru's teleportation abilities, albeit with a slightly elevated degree of risk. Line up your teleport for the back of both sites, and with the help of your flashes, you can effectively breach the enemy's defensive setup. 


  • Agent Pick Rate: 41.3%
  • Win Percentage: 48.5%

Including a Sentinel in the team composition for Breeze hasn't been the popular choice. Chamber was the sole Sentinel seen regularly during the map's previous active phase. However, with Chamber's recent nerf, Cypher has emerged as the lone viable Sentinel option for this map. 

Cypher’s main advantage is the unlimited range of his utilities, which proves massively advantageous on a map as big as Breeze. This advantage was vividly demonstrated during the 2022 VCT season when SUYGETSU from NAVI dominated the server with his lurk plays. 

In addition to lurking and monitoring potential flanks during the Attack phase, Cypher has an even bigger responsibility on defense. His ability to completely lock down one of the sites helps the team’s defense to a great extent. The map's rework has resulted in the complete closure of certain access points, particularly the halls, which has further benefited the Moroccan by reducing the number of entrances he needs to manage and defend. 


  • Agent Pick Rate: 67%
  • Win Percentage: 49.3%

If you wish to include a recon agent in the comp, Sova is a no-brainer. Sova has consistently been a popular selection on Breeze since the map's inception, largely owing to his unparalleled scouting capabilities. These abilities are particularly valuable on a map like Breeze, where most engagements take place at long distances.

As the Attacker, you can use his drone on both sites to clear out most of the spots where defenders are most likely to play. His recon ability serves to reveal back-site positions or provide early insights into any mid-pushes. When defending, the recon dart becomes invaluable for gathering critical information during retake scenarios. Additionally, Sova's other abilities, such as the Shock Darts and Hunter's Fury, excel at not only flushing out opponents but also dealing significant damage in the process.

Sova, in this map, can be an ultimate support agent. His sole job is to gather as much info on enemy whereabouts as possible. As he is playing as a non-solo Initiator, it also provides the player with a lot of flexibility when it comes to utility usage. 


  • Agent Pick Rate: 39%
  • Win Percentage: 44.1%

KAYO is the most underrated agent on the current roster. While he is very popular among professional players, you will not see much of him in regular-ranked games, especially in the lower lobbies. That is primarily due to KAYO being a problematic agent to master. If you cannot play KAYO properly, you will end up doing more harm than good to your team.

While Sova is the more impactful Initiator on Attack, KAYO’s impact far surpasses the Russian’s on Defense. On Attack, KAYO's primary responsibility lies in assisting teammates with Site executions by deploying his Zero Point and Flash drives. However, his utility becomes considerably more valuable on the defensive side of things. With Sova designated to gather information, KAYO players can concentrate their efforts on thwarting the enemy’s Site execution attempts.

As the defending side on Breeze, his knife can be thrown in such a way that it cannot be broken from outside of the sites. This effectively suppresses the opposing team, forcing them into risky dry peeks to gain entry. His Fragment works as a molly that can delay pushes. Moreover, KAYO boasts arguably the best flash in the game, which can be deployed to either engage opponents individually or support teammates in their encounters.


  • Agent Pick Rate: 89%
  • Win Percentage: 48.0%

Breeze has always been Viper’s map, and the American toxin specialist remains indispensable on this map, even in the face of several nerfs she has endured. Not just pro play, In regular ranked games on Breeze, it was a rare sight to encounter a game without Viper featured on both teams. Even with all the changes to Breeze, we still don't expect to see any controller other than Viper getting picked.

While a few teams have experimented with the idea of employing a double Controller composition on Breeze, the consensus is that including another agent alongside Viper in this role doesn't yield a game-changing advantage. Viper herself is more than capable of fulfilling the Controller role effectively on Breeze.

Viper's Toxic Screen proves to be most effective when playing on the attacking side of Breeze. It offers the unique advantage of obstructing all the defensive angles on both A and B sites. On the defensive side, however, there is a limitation: you can't simultaneously smoke off the entrances to both sites. Hence, it is best to use your poison cloud on the site you play. As for the other site, you can play for a retake and use either the toxic screen or the poison cloud to execute the strategy successfully.

Finally, it's essential to emphasize the game-changing potential of Viper's Ultimate and Snake Bites(Molly) on Breeze. These tools are incredibly valuable, especially in clutch scenarios, and can potentially turn the tide of a match in your favor.

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Most Effective Valorant Agent Comp on Breeze in 2023
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