Moist Esports Joining Valorant Scene After Signing BreakThru Roster

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Moist Esports Joining Valorant Scene After Signing BreakThru Roster

Moist Esports is officially getting wet in Valorant Esports. 

Moist Esports Joins Their 5th Esports Scene

Moist Esports is an up-and-coming Esports organization founded by Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL” White in late 2021. Primarily inspired by his love for Smash, Moist Esports initially started as just a Smash organization. But that didn't last long. The competitive fighting game scene is largely unprofitable (Especially Smash. And that's before the future of competitive Smash began to look bleak), and Charlie has admitted in the past that he operates Moist Esports at a loss. If he wanted to avoid doing so forever, he'd naturally have to expand his organization into other Esports territories. And he has. 

At the end of August 2021, Moist Esports signed their own Guilty Gear Strive player. In May 2022, Moist Esports announced the fielding of their own Rocket League team. And in September 2022, Moist Esports developed an Apex Legends team. 

Well, now, you can add Valorant to the list of competitive Esports about to get moist. 

Last month, popular streamer Ludwig announced that he joined Moist Esports as a co-owner. He expressed doubts about joining competitive Valorant as a T2 organization, citing the challenging climb to the big leagues for organizations that aren't Riot Games partners as a risk that needs deep assessment before taking. 

Meet The Moist Moguls

It looks like he got over those concerns, as just yesterday, Ludwig announced on a stream with Sentinels streamer tarik that Moist Esports would be joining the world of competitive Valorant. 

According to Ludwig, he spent half a million dollars of Charlie's money to sign the BreakThru roster. BreakThru was previously a squad of unrestricted free agents consisting of players flyuh, sym, brawk, thief, aproto, and head coach Tanizhq. That

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Now members of Moist Esports, BreakThru, will compete under the name Moist Moguls. Already competing in the NA VALORANT Challengers League, they make their debut as the Moist Moguls today in a match against Turtle Troops. 

And before Moist Esports fans soak through their favorite trousers, yes, yay is leaving Cloud9. But no, yay, and Marved are not joining Moist Esports. They're just trolling. 


Moist Esports Joining Valorant Scene After Signing BreakThru Roster
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