Moist Esports Forced to Cut Their Apex Legends Team from the ALGS

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Moist Esports Forced to Cut Their Apex Legends Team from the ALGS

Moist Esports, owned by famous YouTuber and Streamer, penguinz0 aka Charlie, was forced to cut their Apex Legends Team as they reached the ALGS Finals. Here's what we know.

Moist Esports is a renowned esports company owned by penguinz0. The company has some of the best teams in the industry. Their team for Apex Legends has been one of the best the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) has ever seen. The team has consistently topped charts since being acquired by Moist.

Moist eSports Forced to Cut Their Apex Team as They Approach ALGS Finals

Moist eSports has held their position as one of the best Apex teams to have ever competed. However, during the 2024 ALGS Split 1, they were forced to part ways. Moist’s Apex Team is based in Australia while Moist eSports itself is an American organization.

The ALGS NA split is taking place in Los Angeles this year. The finals were originally being held online. However, after the Finals got hacked by an anonymous hacker, it was canceled and rescheduled. The game, however, would no longer be held online and instead be held physically for a LAN competition.

Moist eSports has been trying to get their team into the United States for almost 6 months now. They wanted the team to compete in the ALGS since the series started. However, the team's Visa was denied by US Immigration three times. Moist initially stationed their team in Canada allowing them to compete in the North America Split. That was intended to be a temporary fix while Moist eSports tried to appeal their case to the US immigration multiple times.

Unfortunately, even after appealing their case thrice, the team was denied entry. Moist eSport’s owner Charlie remarked in his YouTube videos that they have been working with some of the best lawyers in the country to get the team into the country. They also had a top official at EA representing them. The US immigration continually denied them against all reasoning. They did not even give a reason as to why their applications were being rejected.

Finally, on 12 April, 2024, Moist was forced to let go of their team. They ran out of time to re-appeal their case. The process takes up an absurd amount of time and has only led to them being rejected time and time again. Moist parted ways with the team so that the team could still compete on their own. The team was allowed entry as long as they were not under the Moist eSports wing.

Moist Esports Forced to Cut Their Apex Legends Team from the ALGS
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