Mistic, Keiko, and Enzo Join Team Liquid Valorant

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Mistic, Keiko, and Enzo Join Team Liquid Valorant

Team Liquid has a new roster ready for VCT 2024!

A week after Redgar departed Team Liquid for the Giants, Team Liquid has revealed three additions to its Valorant team: Enzo, Mistic, and Keiko. They'll be be joining nAts, Jamppi, and substitute Harmii for the 2024 season.

Enzo, Mistic, and Keiko New Apeks Predators of Team Liquid

Team Liquid's player acquisition comes after the surprising departure of Apeks' entire Valorant roster that came so close to ascending to the EMEA League. 

Mistic, Enzo, and Keiko finished VCT 2023 as members of Apeks, who had a very successful season in Challengers, with toppings at both VALORANT Challengers 2023 Northern Europe: Polaris Split 1 and 2, and a second-place finish at VCT 2023: Ascension EMEA. Before joining Apeks, Mistic was a long-term member of Fnatic, which had solid 2021 and 2022 seasons. 

Team Liquid's debut season as an EMEA-partnered organization was a shaky affair. They got off to a very rough start with a poor performance at VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo, but brought it back with a 1st-place finish in VCT 2023: EMEA League Championship by defeating the previously undefeated FNATIC. 

After a respectable 5th-6th place finish at VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo, Team Liquid ended their Valorant season with a disappointing 13th-16th place finish at Valorant Champions 2023. 

Having locked in their 2024 roster, they can begin perfecting their team synergy in preparation for next year's season. Time will tell how far this team can go. Three EMEA teams finished in the Top 10 of this year's Champions, so Team Liquid has their work cut out for them.

Best of luck to the new Team Liquid for VCT 2024!

Mistic, Keiko, and Enzo Join Team Liquid Valorant
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