Is Michael Myers in Fortnite? Confirmed 3 Skins Release Date

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Is Michael Myers in Fortnite? Confirmed 3 Skins Release Date

When is Michael Myers in Fortnite Coming to the Item Shop? this is what we know and the Jack Skellington in Fortnite release date.

Just last week, Epic dropped a huge update on Fortnite, a big event for Halloween 2023! Fortnitemares 2023has a lot to offer players from in-game items to special quests, but what about the skins? Each major event is usually timed with some exclusive skins to try and tempt players into splashing out those V-Bucks. This year, Halloween has brought an Alan Wake Fortnite skin, Jack Skellington in Fortnite, and Michael Myers in Fortnite! Although, they’re taking their time turning up.

While Fortnitemares has now been active long enough for players to finish off load of quests and try out horde mode, something is missing. The big crossover releases that Epic promised with their initial reveal are still nowhere to be found. Epic’s big releases for 2023 are missing, even after a seemingly perfect release date for them came and went. So, when is Michael Myers in Fortnite along with the Alan Wake Fortnite skin?

Thanks to some additions in the game’s creative side, we have a good idea of when we might be able to expect them, even if Jack Skellington in Fortnite along with the others have been a little late.

Is Michael Myers in Fortnite Yet? Jack Skellington and Alan Wake Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Halloween 2023 - Fortnitemares - Michael Myers in Fortnite

As of this week, Michael Myers is not in Fortnite yet. Nor is Jack Skellington or Alan Wake. We do have reasons do expect them soon though.

Fortnite Weekly Quests - Big New Weekly Challenges for C5

The Fortnitemares update big addition to skin was three crossover characters, but where are they? As of October 17th, they’re still not in the item shop. On top of that, Epic’s skipped the normal update for simply some bug fixes. This has left players wondering just when the skins will actually get released.

The Alan Wake Fortnite skin along with the other two collabs are all obviously Halloween themed. Epic is leaving little time for them to be available over the spooky season unless they’re pushed out soon. Great if you’re still gathering all the free v-bucks you can find to try and unlock them once they do hit.

In terms of a release date, a lot of fans were initially looking at Friday the 13th. It’s a date which fits the horror aesthetic of these skins, plus it was the 30th anniversary of the original Nightmare Before Christmas release. Although, the date came and went and Epic still hadn’t dropped them yet. What exactly is the hold up?

Why Isn’t Jack Skellington in Fortnite or Alan Wake Yet?

Fortnite Alan Wake

The Alan Wake Fortnite skin along with Jack Skellington in Fortnite haven’t been added yet, but there are some explanations. For a start, the timing of the FNCS Grand Championship. This took place over the weekend and it saw the C4 S4 map revert back from its Halloween form for the whole of three days.

The event had Battle Royale shift away from Halloween just for a weekend. It’s likely Epic was avoiding adding big crossover skins in this period as they were already selling FNCS items. On top of that, the DC Comics items taking back over the item shop is likely part of one of the more complicated rights deals for Epic. With both of those wrapped up, we can expect a different answer to is Michael Myers in Fortnite soon.

Fortnite Weekly Quests - Big New Weekly Challenges for C5

We might have missed the anniversary release date for Jack Skellington Fortnite skin and Alan Wake. However, we’re likely going to get them very soon. Especially since Epic is already adding tie-in content.

When Will Michael Myers Releasee in Fortnite?

In the movies, Michael Myers may only come out on Halloween. What about coming to Fortnite though? Epic will definitely want the skins available for more than a day. We can likely expect them to arrive this week. At the moment, Friday 21 October seems like a later guess. We’ll likely get them by then. An Alan Wake UnrealFN map is live already, so he can’t be too far behind.

These skins would then arrive with a few weeks for players to buy them and enjoy it before Halloween ends. Although, it’s still a bit shorter than the release window could have been. Given that the C4 S4 Mythics list is already packed, we’re not expecting any other in-game items from these crossovers. Plus, the Alan Wake Fortnite creative tie in experience in already in the game. This would mean the skins can safely come this week without the need for a server-side update.

That’s when we’re expecting to see Michael Myers in Fortnite plus the Jack Skellington in Fortnite skin. These are some exciting crossovers. While they’ve seen some delays, they’ll be joining the roster of collabs in the game pretty soon.

Is Michael Myers in Fortnite? Confirmed 3 Skins Release Date
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