Masters Tokyo Playoffs Matches Revealed 

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Masters Tokyo Playoffs Matches Revealed 

After the Group Stage’s conclusion, here are the matches to look forward to in the Masters Tokyo Playoffs

The Group Stage of Masters Tokyo has ended, and we are heading into the double-elimination Playoffs with a total of eight teams. Right after the EDG vs T1 matchup, the initial matches of the Playoffs were revealed in the VALORANT stream.

Opening Matches of Masters Tokyo Playoffs

Masters Tokyo Playoffs

Credit: Riot Games

  • LOUD vs Evil Geniuses – 20:00 PT / 23:00 ET / 05:00 CEST
  • Team Liquid vs EDward Gaming – 23:00 PT / 02:00 ET / 08:00 CEST
  • FNATIC vs NRG – 20:00 PT / 23:00 ET / 05:00 CEST
  • Paper Rex vs DRX – 23:00 PT / 02:00 ET / 08:00 CEST

All Playoffs matches will be Bo3s, and two defeats will eliminate the teams in this double-elimination bracket. On the first match of the Playoffs, we are going to see a rematch of the VCT Pacific Grand Final, as DRX were able to move past the Group Stage. Moreover, LOUD and Evil Geniuses will meet again, and the North Americans will be looking for revenge this time. 

Teams to Look Out For at Masters Tokyo Playoffs

While you can already guess the names of teams like LOUD and FNATIC doing well at the Masters Tokyo Playoffs, underdogs like EG and EDG are looking very strong right now. Therefore, be prepared for insane upsets as new talents are getting their first shot at global Playoffs.

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