Lethal Company Weather Guide

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Lethal Company Weather Guide

In a game like Lethal Company, it is not only important to pay attention to the creatures that populate the various moons but also to the climatic conditions. In fact, the Lethal Company weather is a very important factor that also determines other environmental dangers that you may encounter. For this reason, knowing what you will be entitled to if there is one climatic condition rather than another is certainly something that will come in handy to make your shipments easier. In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know about it so that you are not caught off guard.

How Does the Lethal Company Weather Work?

Lethal Company weather is an extremely important game mechanic that affects the various moons that make up the game and can drastically increase their difficulty. For this reason, therefore, you understand well that this is a mechanic that absolutely must not be underestimated. To be able to see what type of weather conditions afflict the various moons, all you have to do is write the word “moons” in the terminal.

Another important thing from a gameplay point of view is that the different climatic conditions do not impact the scraps that you will collect in your expeditions in Lethal Company, so our advice is to focus on the moons that, at that specific moment, do not present adverse conditions. However, there are some cases in which you will be forced to deal with these adverse weather conditions, so it is good that you know how to behave in this case.

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The moon has drizzly weather that creates dangerous quicksand patches. Quicksand looks like dark mud and is hard to notice, especially on forested planets like Vow. If you see quicksand, tell your teammates to avoid a watery death. If you step in, you'll sink right away, and your voice will sound strange. You have a short time to escape, so move quickly. The moon March always has rainy weather and permanent quicksand spots, so exploring is risky.



Moons with foggy weather will be covered in a thick fog that doesn't pose a direct threat but makes it super hard to see. When visibility is low, you're more likely to bump into enemies like the Eyeless Dog and the Forest Keeper. If you don't know the moon well, you might also get lost, waste time, or even put yourself in danger. If you have to pick a moon with weather, foggy ones are less harmful, but it's best to go there only if you know the exits and entrances well. The moon Titan always has foggy weather in Lethal Company.


Stormy moons have lots of thunderstorms and lightning. Even though it's rainy, there's no quicksand. Lightning can instantly kill a player, especially if they're holding something metal. If you're holding metal and it starts sparking, that means lightning is coming. Drop the metal thing and move away. After the lightning hits, you can pick it up again and keep going until the next lightning strike.

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Flooded moons might seem safe at first because there are only tiny puddles around. But as time goes by, those puddles turn into bigger and deeper pools of water. This makes it tough to walk because you will get tired quickly, and there's a danger of drowning if you can't keep up. If you find yourself on a flooded moon, it's a good idea to head back to your spaceship by 4:00 p.m. This way, you reduce the chance of drowning on your way back. Getting back to your ship earlier gives you a safer journey, especially when the water gets deeper and it becomes harder to move around.


Eclipsed moons are tricky because night Lethal Company creatures like the Eyeless Dog, Earth Leviathan, and Forest Keeper can show up even during the daytime. Being in an eclipsed condition is super risky, and we really suggest staying away from it if you can. But if you're feeling brave and want to face the challenge, it's good to be prepared if you decide to tackle the extra difficulty.

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Lethal Company Weather Guide
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