March Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

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March Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

Of the 9 Maps in Lethal Company, March is one of the moons in the second Tier. Hence, here is everything you need to know about it

Lethal Company is an indie horror co-op survival game that is currently in early access, created by Zeekeerss that went viral after being released on October 24, 2023. It is a game set in a post-apocalyptic and retrofuturistic dystopian world where the players are hired by an anonymous corporate organization named the “Company” to explore different industrialized and abandoned moons in search of scraps to collect for sale. 

One such moon available in the game is March, the second moon in Tier 2, which is fairly hard to navigate and survive on in the game as it is one of the Intermediate maps with a large facility. Hence, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the moon March in Lethal Company. 

Details of March in Lethal Company 

There are currently 9 maps or moons in Lethal Company and they are divided into 3 different tiers: Easy, Intermediate and Hard. There are 2 Intermediate moons in total and they are where players truly learn survival, owing to the challenges and new monsters. March is the second one of these 2 moons in the Intermediate tier and here are all the details about it: 

  • Cost to Route: 0 Credits

  • Hazard Level: B

  • Map Size Multiplier: 2

  • Scrap Amount: 
    • Minimum: 13 
    • Average: 15
    • Maximum: 17

  • Planet’s Conditions: Twin planet of Vow, which is why it is often overlooked. It is lush with plant life, has an expansive terrain and often has drizzling weather. 

Layout of March in Lethal Company

March Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know
Credit: @McMessenger on Steam Community

The layout of this moon is unique because it is the only map on the game with not one, not two but three Fire Exits, though it is quite straightforward. The way to the Main Entrance is a lengthy path away from the ship’s entrance and the journey can be even more extended when weighed down by multiple heavy scraps. The Fire Exits are also located not too far from the ship’s entrance. This map has the second-highest Map Size Multiplier of all moons in the game after Titan, which makes it easy to get lost inside the facility. Hence, here is the complete layout of the March moon in Lethal Company: 

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Main Entrance to the Facility (Bunker)

This is one of the main entrances that are easy to find but take quite a long time to get to out of all the 8 explorable maps in the game. The Main Entrance to the facility is directly opposite the ship’s entrance, though you have to walk some way to reach it. Not only is it a long path but there is nothing but slim trees. Once you reach the middle of the path, you can see the lights of the facility, so you can easily get to the Main Entrance.

Carrying scraps from the Main Entrance is a hassle because you have only 4 slots and the path is very long with the addition of no hiding space. Something else to keep in mind is that after 4:00 PM, quite a few monsters will spawn and block the area in front of the Main Entrance and the path to the ship, which you have to cross no matter what. 

Fire Exit

Now, the Fire Exits for the Bunker type of facility in March are located in different locations throughout the planet. The first and nearest Fire Exit is located directly in front of the ship’s entrance, you just have to walk a short way to reach it. The second Fire Exit is located to the right of the ship’s entrance, but beware because there are two quicksand puddles in the path. The third and last Fire Exit is located on the left side of the Main Entrance a short distance away.

That is about all there is to the layout of this moon. However, it is advisable to leave the moon before 4:00 PM because after that it gets too dark, especially if it's raining, making it very easy to get lost very quickly and end up encountering a Forest Keeper which means instant death.

Spawn Rates in March

Being one of the Intermediate moons in Lethal Company, March is home to both very lethal creatures and good-value scraps. This moon is home to quite a few dangerous creatures which are not seen in the beginner maps such as the Coil Head and Bunker Spider. The wet and lush atmosphere makes it a great home for dangerous creatures with little to no space to hide in between the slim trees. Hence, here are all of the spawn rates for March in Lethal Company: 

Scraps Spawn Rates

As mentioned before, March is one of the Intermediate moons or maps, so obviously, it is home to the quite good-value scraps in the game. They are found in a good amount which lets you collect more than enough scraps to meet the quota and some extra cash as well, if you don’t die to the lethal creatures that is. Hence, here are all of the scraps spawn rates in this moon of Lethal Company:

AFK Journey Chest Locations: Where to Find All of the Chests in the World Map
Item Name Chance Average Value Min Value Max Value
Large Axle 14.71% 46 36 56
V-type Engine 12.52% 38 20 56
Plastic Fish 4.38% 34 28 40
Metal Sheet 12.99% 16 10 22
Big Bolt 13.93% 26 20 32
Toy Cube 2.82% 34 24 44
Laser Pointer 0.47% 66 32 100
Bottles 10.49% 50 44 56
Remote 2.5% 34 20 48
Cookie Mold Pan 2.03% 26 12 40
Robot Toy 0.31% 72 56 88
Magnifying Glass 0.63% 52 44 60
Stop Sign 4.54% 36 20 52
Tea Kettle 3.76% 44 32 56
Gold Bar 0.63% 156 102 210
Cash Register 0.47% 120 80 160
Clown Horn 6.73% 62 52 72
Air Horn 5.32% 62 52 72
Candy 0.47% 21 6 36
Red Soda 0.31% 54 18 90


Creatures Spawn Rates

As mentioned before, the types of creatures that spawn on this moon are lethal, all thanks to its Hazard Level of B. Hence, here are the creatures’ spawn rates including their chance to spawn with the maximum count of spawning in March in Lethal Company: 

Creature Chance Power Max count
Circuit Bees 35.29% 1 6
Manticoils 40.69% 1 16
Roaming Locusts 24.02% 1 5
Earth Leviathan 8.42% 2 3
Eyeless Dog 20.00% 2 8
Forest Keeper 33.68% 3 3
Baboon Hawk 37.89% 1 15
Snare Flea 12.58% 1 4
Bunker Spider 21.19% 3 1
Hoarding Bug 11.92% 1 8
Bracken 18.54% 3 1
Thumper 24.50% 3 4
Hygrodere 4.97% 1 2
Coil Head 3.31% 1 5
Spore Lizards 2.98% 1 2



In conclusion, March is one of the moons with quite a low chance of surviving on it, because of its Hazard Level of B and quicksand puddles which can take a player unaware. It is a great map for an experienced player to progress more in the game, but the creatures that spawn on there are lethal. However, it is quite worth it to go to this moon in Lethal Company because the scraps are good in value and enough to meet the quota alongside farming Credits. Hence, read up on all the information above about the moon and stay tuned for more such Lethal Company content in the future.

March Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know
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