Titan Map In Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

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Titan Map In Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

Of the 9 Maps in Lethal Company, the tier 3 ones are the hardest to navigate, including Titan. Hence, here is everything you need to know about it

Lethal Company is a very trending indie horror co-op survival game created by Zeekeerss, released on October 24, 2023 and it is currently in early access. It is a game set in a post-apocalyptic and retrofuturistic dystopian world where the players are hired by a corporate organization named the “Company” to explore different abandoned and industrialized moons in search of scraps to collect for sale. One such moon available in the game is Titan, the most difficult moon to navigate and survive on in the game. Hence, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the moon Titan in Lethal Company. 

Details of Titan in Lethal Company 

There are currently 9 maps or moons in Lethal Company and they are divided into 3 different tiers: Easy, Intermediate and Hard. There are 3 Hard moons in total and they have to be bought with Credits in the game. Titan is the most hard one of these 3 moons in the Hard tier and here are all the details about it: 

  • Cost to Route: 700 Credits

  • Hazard Level: S+

  • Scrap Value:
    • Minimum: 46
    • Average: 1641
    • Maximum: 4864

  • Planet’s Conditions: Frozen and rocky flat landscape with heavy snowfall and a small overworld.

Layout of Titan in Lethal Company

Titan Map In Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know
Credit: @McMessenger on Steam Community

The layout of the moon Titan is quite simple but difficult to navigate because of the idle monsters roaming around the entrance to the facility and right outside the ship. It has a large set of stairs to access the facility which is typically a Bunker type of facility and a fire exit directly.

However, taking scraps back to the ship is very easy (when monsters are not hogging the stairs and entrances, of course) because you can drop scraps from the main entrance straight down the stairs to the bottom. Then, when you get to the bottom you can just carry the scraps straight to the ship in one go if you are not mauled by an Eyeless Dog or Earth Leviathan, that is.

Hence, here is the complete layout of the Titan moon in Lethal Company: 

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Main Entrance to the Facility (Bunker)

This is one of the easiest main entrances to find out of all the 8 explore maps in the game. The main entrance to the facility is directly opposite the main ship’s entrance. However, as the weather is very snowy and foggy, it is hard to navigate. Once you do find the way to the main entrance though, there is a very large stairway or set of stairs that you have to go up to reach it. Another very harrowing thing is that monsters manage to hog these stairs, especially at nighttime which makes it hard to get back to the ship. 

Fire Exit

Now, lucky for us, in Titan, the fire exit is quite literally right next to the main entrance, how cool is that? However, there is one singular catwalk with stairs to the left of the main entrance that you need to go up to find the fire exit. 

That is about all there is to the layout of this moon because it is that simple. One thing to note is that the weather is what makes the moon hard to navigate. It is very easy to get lost and end up encountering a Leviathan, which means instant death. Hence, it is advisable to have a walkie-talkie and a player inside the ship to guide everyone safely. You should also try your best to leave Titan before 3 PM because that is when hell breaks loose and the big bad guys come out to play.  

Spawn Rates in Titan

Being the hardest map or moon in Lethal Company, it is natural that Titan is home to both highly dangerous creatures and highly profitable scraps. The most dangerous and rare creatures like the Ghost Girl and Jester can be spotted on this moon, because of its hazard level of S+. As for scraps, the most expensive scraps like the Fancy Lamp and Painting can be quite on this map. Hence, here are all of the spawn rates for Titan in Lethal Company: 

Scraps Spawn Rates

As mentioned before, Titan is the hardest moon or map, so obviously it is home to the most valuable and profitable scraps in the game. Also, thanks to the layout, it is a great map to farm Credits because the entrances of the Main Entrance and Ship are so close together, so dropping off scraps is easier. Hence, here are all of the scraps spawn rates in the moon of Lethal Company:

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Item Name Chance Average Value Min Value Max Value
Fancy Lamp 3.55% 94 60 128
Painting 4.47% 92 60 124
Perfume Bottle 1.84% 76 48 104
Laser Pointer 1.31% 66 32 100
Hairdryer 3.94% 80 60 100
Rubber Duckie 3.15% 51 2 100
Red Soda 4.99% 54 18 90
Robot Toy 4.6% 72 56 88
Teeth 2.76% 72 60 84
Golden Cup 3.55% 60 40 80
Brass Bell 4.86% 64 48 80
Wedding Ring 3.55% 66 52 80
Magic 7 Ball 2.1% 54 36 72
Air Horn 3.15% 62 52 72
Clown Horn 2.1% 62 52 72
Coffee Mug 2.76% 46 24 68
Old Phone 2.89% 56 48 64
Jar of Pickles 1.05% 46 32 60
Magnifying Glass 3.29% 52 44 60
Large Axle 4.86% 46 36 56
V-type Engine 5.26% 38 20 56
Bottles 4.34% 50 44 56
Tea Kettle 3.94% 44 32 56
Toothpaste 4.73% 31 14 48
Toy Cube 2.63% 34 24 44
Plastic Fish 2.1% 34 28 40
Pill Bottle 1.97% 28 16 40
Hair Brush 4.07% 22 8 36
Big Bolt 6.18% 26 20 32


Creatures Spawn Rates

This is the hardest moon of all of the maps and tiers in Lethal Company with a hazard level of S+, so naturally the type of creatures that spawn on this moon are very dangerous to encounter. Hence, here are the creatures’ spawn rates including their chance to spawn with the maximum count of spawning in Titan in Lethal Company: 


Creature Chance Power Max count
Earth Leviathan 3.45% 2 3
Eyeless Dog 68.97% 2 8
Forest Keeper 27.59% 3 3
Snare Flea 11.71% 1 4
Bunker Spider 12.80% 3 1
Hoarding Bug 8.24% 1 8
Bracken 13.45% 3 1
Hygrodere 4.34% 1 2
Spore Lizards 3.47% 1 2
Thumper 11.71% 3 4
Coil Head 12.80% 1 5
Ghost Girl 6.07% 2 1
Jester 15.40% 3 1



Needless to say, Titan is absolutely NOT one of the easiest moons to explore for scraps to collect for sale. Its heavy snowfall atmosphere is not only hard to see in, but the creatures that spawn on there are the most dangerous and troublesome as well. However, it is quite worth it to go to this moon in Lethal Company because the scraps are quite high in value, so the profit quota can be fulfilled easily. Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about the moon and stay tuned for more such content in the future.

Titan Map In Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know
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