Ghost Girl In Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

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Ghost Girl In Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking to learn about the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company? Then, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know

Lethal Company is an early-access survival co-op horror game that was released in October 2023 by the developer, Zeekeerss. The game has a post-apocalyptic setting in a retrofuturistic dystopian world where players are hired by a corporate organization named the “Company” to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale. During these exploration adventures, players have to face many lethal creatures, which range from harmless to instant one-hit killers. 

One such deadly creature that can be found in the buildings and outdoors on the different moons is the Ghost Girl. She is one of the most terrifying creatures that can be found in the game, who when you encounter, you need to escape the premises as soon as possible. She is considered to be the rarest monster in the game that you can encounter. In that case, what exactly is this female creature and how do you even escape her? Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company. 

Ghost Girl in Lethal Company

Ghost Girl In Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know
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The Ghost Girl is considered to be the rarest monster in Lethal Company because of how unique she is and how little she spawns. She is a little girl with brown hair who is clad in a red dress with polka dots. She stands out amidst all of the monsters in the game because of how unsettling and normal she looks. 

When a scan is performed on the Ghost Girl, the Bestiary entry says “Cannot currently be scanned” which tells us just how dangerous she truly is. She is a unique monster who only targets one single player in a team at a time. Like Jester, she also has phases, 2 to be exact: Stalking/Haunting and Killing. While targeting a player, she is invisible to all players until she goes into her haunting or stalking phase, which is when she shows up on surveillance cameras and to the chosen player. Then, she goes into her killing phase and kills the player upon touching.

The Ghost Girl’s way of choosing a player or target to haunt is also very eccentric because she does so by checking the fear stats of each player. The Fear Stats of a player depend on their insanity level and total turn amount. She adds these up along with two other things to make up the Fear Stat, where the base value for each player is 80. Here are all the details of what things are in the Fear Stats and how they are added up by the Ghost Girl: 

  • Highest Insanity Level: The insanity level of a player goes up at a slow pace over time with a multiplier whenever they are alone and it increases faster in certain locations. Sticking together with teammates decreases the gain on the insanity level. The player with the highest insanity level has some value added to their Fear Stat.
    • Fear Stat Value: 50

  • Total Turn Amount: The total turn amount entails the number of times a player has changed their camera rotation. Each time a player changes their camera rotation, the turn amount is updated. The player with the highest turn amount has some value added to their Fear Stat.
    • Fear Stat Value: 30

  • Being Critically Injured: If the player has been critically injured, as in, fallen below 20 HP at the beginning of the round, minimal value is added to their Fear Stat.
    • Fear Stat Value: 10

  • Holding Expensive Items: If the player is seen holding an expensive item, i.e., a scrap that is worth more than 150 Credits at the beginning of the round, some value is added to their Fear Stat. 
    • Fear Stat Value: 30
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After the Ghost Girl makes up the Fear Stat for every player, she starts haunting a random player after rolling the values and saves the best one, i.e., the one with the highest Fear Stat value for the last. Keep in mind that the host of the game is always the one whose Fear Stat values are checked first. As mentioned before, she has two phases she cycles through after she has chosen her target to play with. Her two phases are explained below in detail: 

Stalking/Haunting Phase

In the Stalking/Haunting phase, the Ghost Girl is only visible on surveillance cameras and to her chosen player. In this phase, she only tails her target and does things to spook them, which are like signs. All the signs of her Stalking/Haunting phase that the targeted player faces are given below: 

  • Giggling sounds
  • Heavy breathing sounds
  • Lights flickering around them
  • Having hazy vision
  • Hearing getting muffled, amplified or distorted 
  • Communications being silenced
  • Seeing the Ghost Girl standing with her back to you a good distance away, but if you approach her she will disappear instantly.  

This phase of hers lasts somewhere between 2 to 4 minutes before she advances to her next phase. 

Killing Phase

After advancing to the Killing phase, the Ghost Girl starts skipping towards the targeted player. Touching her means instant death so in this case, the player has to start looping her around and outside the facility. Yes, she can follow you outside of the facility and into the bunker, which makes her the only monster in the game that can chase you all over the moon. After she kills the targeted player, her phases reset and she goes through the Fear Stats again to choose her new target until she has killed the entire team or until they leave the moon.

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How to successfully escape the Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl in Lethal Company does not immediately kill her target but instead, she haunts them and then advances toward the kill. For this reason, there is a safe way to escape her and leave the moon without being killed. The safe way is to simply keep an idea of the layout of the facility and keep your Fear Stat value as low as possible. 

When you’re being haunted by her, alert your teammates instantly and map out all of the exits on the moon that head straight to the ship for departure. If you choose to stay despite being haunted and the Ghost Girl enters her killing phase, alert your teammates immediately to prepare to leave straight to the ship and gain distance. Then, loop her around the facility until you reach one of the exits and get to the ship, don’t waste any time and leave the moon immediately.


Needless to say, the Ghost Girl might look like an adorable little girl skipping towards you, coming to ask you for candy, but she is actually a deadly monster who is haunting you. Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about this creature and escape as quickly as possible unless you want to die a painful death. Make sure to check out our all monsters in Lethal Company guide for information on other creatures in the game and stay tuned for more such content in the future!

Ghost Girl In Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know
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