Lethal Company Moon Tier List

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Lethal Company Moon Tier List

Go through our Lethal Company Moon tier list and find out which moons are the best for landing

The primary objective of Lethal Company is to explore the eerie landscapes of various moons and collect scraps for an organization named the “Company.” Learning about all eight moons (not taking into account 71-Gordion, where the Company HQ is located) in the game and their advantages and dangers will provide a crucial edge to gamers when playing the game.

Lethal Company Moon Tier List

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Some moons in Lethal Company are a breeze for scavenging with fewer monsters around. Others might be trickier to explore but offer better rewards. Then there are some that will seriously mess with your mind. We've compiled a Lethal Company moon tier list so you'll know what to expect before landing on a moon.

Lethal Company Moon Tier List: All Lethal Company Moons Ranked by Difficulty and Scrap

Check out this list ranking the moons in terms of difficulty—from the most challenging S-tier to the easier C-tier:


  • Titan
  • Rend

These moons are the toughest for beginners to land on, filled with terrifying monsters, yet the loot is undeniably tempting. While many gamers argue that Titan is the only deserving entry on this list due to its distinct difficulty compared to Rend, we believe both moons offer challenges far superior to the others.

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Rend has an ominous setting that puts you on high alert as soon as you step foot on it. The dark and icy conditions are extremely hostile to all types of life forms. Despite being less challenging than Titan, it's filled with deadly monsters.

Titan is the ultimate challenge to conquer in Lethal Company. This is undoubtedly the scariest Lethal Company moon, you must stay prepared for anything at any moment. We highly recommend getting hold of the Zap Gun before you set course for Titan.

Both Rend and Titan are paid moons. You will need to spend 550 and 700 credits, respectively, to unlock these planets.


  • Dine

Dine is the only paid moon in Lethal Company besides the S-tier ones we discussed. You will have to spend 600 credits to make this moon accessible. The conditions closely resemble those of Rend: limited outdoor visibility, an icy biome, and unexpected dangers lurking around. However, the hazards felt less threatening compared to what we encountered on Rend. Even though the monsters spawn more frequently, the hazards felt less threatening compared to what we encountered on Rend.


  • Offense
  • March

Offense and March come with an identical level of difficulty and rewards. You should not have much trouble exploring these moons if you have clocked in a decent amount of Lethal Company gameplay.

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Londoners, you will feel right at home on March! Continuous drizzles make visibility a real challenge. Despite that, you can anticipate gathering a good amount of scrap, and the hazards here are quite manageable.

Offense is slightly more challenging compared to March. It's an asteroid that was once part of Assurance. Navigating its terrain isn't a walk in the park, and the resident species aren't exactly the friendliest bunch.


  • Assurance
  • Vow
  • Experimentation

These moons are perfect for beginners to land on. They pose little threat, and the terrain isn't too tricky to navigate. Don't expect to stumble upon valuable scraps here, however.

Which Moon Should You Land On in Lethal Company?

The ideal moon to land on depends on your loot ambitions and gameplay experience. If you need better rewards, you need to go to the more difficult moons. That said, it will be difficult for you to survive if you don’t have adequate experience. Paid moons offer top loot but are very challenging, so you must gear up before trying them.

Harder moons are like mazes, and the creatures there are seriously tough. Without a well-coordinated team, it's a surefire ticket to game over. Think carefully before jetting off to these distant Lethal Company moons.

Lethal Company Moon Tier List
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