Lego Fortnite Future Update – What’s Next and 3 Fun Leaks

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Lego Fortnite Future Update – What’s Next and 3 Fun Leaks

Lego Fortnite Future Updates are in the works, what can expect from the future additions to this Lego Survival mode?

One of the most exciting parts of the latest Chapter of Fortnite has been the Lego. This full-on survival game has proven hugely popular with the player base. It has even consistently beaten the Battle Royale in terms of player numbers, and that’s without major patches. What’s coming in Lego Fortnite future updates?

This mode has been a big hit with players but it does feel slightly more static than Battle Royale. It hasn’t received a major alteration for Winterfest like in Battle Royale. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any Lego Fortnite updates planned though. Epic seems to have quite a bit of content in the works, and potentially even more is coming now we’ve seen such a strong response!

The Lego Fortnite leaks are pointing towards some exciting content and new features coming to this mode. There are expansions with new creatures, features, and more lined up. We’re even getting leaks of our first major collab which could be exclusive to the Lego Fortnite mode! This is what we’re expecting in Lego Fortnite future updates.

Lego Fortnite Future Updates – What’s Coming Next?

Lego Fortnite Future Update

The new Lego Fortnite updates are seemingly coming soon! While the game has a slower schedule than Battle Royale, we can expect to see new content start getting rolled out pretty soon. What can we expect to come? Fortnite leakers have found quite a few features that are coming soon.

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One of the most interesting new updates is likely to be all of the extra creatures that are planned to come. These are already a key part of resource gathering, like finding fertilizer in Lego Fortnite. The future Lego Fortnite Updates will add creatures like these to the mobs.

  • Bats
  • Brown Bears
  • Black bears
  • Eagles
  • Big Foot
  • Rift Rollers
  • Rift Brutes
  • Rift Skeleton Miners

All of these creatures are seemingly being planned. The rift animals are interesting as these could use Fortnite’s rifting mechanic. Maybe they’ll drop items which can be used to make more rift-themed goods, which could be an exciting change to rotation in the map. Monsters like Big Foot making an appearance too!

Getting Cryptids like them here could get interesting too. Mythical creatures might end up being an interesting addition, coming to the game as friend or foe in a Lego Fortnite Future update.

Lego Fortnite Leaks – New Pirate Features in Lego Fortnite Updates

Lego Fortnite Future Updates

One major expansion leakers have discovered is Fortnite Pirates! These might be roaming pirate ships to be found somewhere in the map. The ships will apparently contain cannons, kind of like the items that recently made a comeback in Fortnite OG! We don’t know if the ships will be sailable yet. With Epic working on a way to steer your own creations though, players might be able to travel the seas in a pirate ship pretty soon.

The ships won’t be unoccupied. Inside, you can find a crew of pirates but also a Pirate Captain! These guys could be friendly or enemies. They even seem to have two forms they could appear in, with one potentially being more threatening than the other.

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An undead version of the pirate ship is planned alongside the regular one. This might be skeleton pirate crews and an Undead Pirate Captain. It all looks like a pretty big change to the game and could come with a more nautical area or biome becoming present in a Lego Fortnite future update.

Lego Fortnite Leaks – New Crossover with Ninjago

Lego Fortnite Future Updates

Fortnite is often host to new crossovers, in Chapter 5 alone we’re still expecting a new Fortnite Dragon Ball collab. Fortnite Lego is getting its own one though. Fortnite X Ninjago! This is one of the Lego Fortnite updates we’re expecting to hit a bit sooner too.

The Ninja Lego series is coming to the world of Fortnite. It seems we’ll be getting some Ninjago special Lego Fortnite skins. These will be for the Lego Fortnite mode, it doesn’t seem like they’re getting full Fortnite Battle Royale versions. This will be our first actually exclusive Lego Fortnite skins. We’ll have to see how Epic handles this unique crossover.

Characters spotted in files so far include General Vex, Blizzard Archers, Sword Masters, among others. We’re also expecting to see enemies, bosses, and structures in the game from Lego Ninjago. With, such a focus on building, we might expect Lego Fortnite future updates to add new build items from these collabs too.

The Lego Fortnite Leaks so far have pointed towards the game getting a lot more content soon. At the moment, there is plenty to do, but it’s often just collecting resources and building. Expansions like the new crossover and even Pirates could add a lot more to do in-game. The future for Lego Fortnite looks really promising right now.

Lego Fortnite Future Update – What’s Next and 3 Fun Leaks
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