Cell and Frieza in Fortnite Chapter 5 – Huge Collab Coming

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Cell and Frieza in Fortnite Chapter 5 – Huge Collab Coming

Fortnite has just kicked off its fifth Chapter, but a major update is in the works. New Fortnite X Dragon Ball Skins are coming, with iconic villains Frieza in Fortnite and Cell in the works.

The last few weeks have been huge for Fortnite. From OG hitting a new height for the Fortnite player count to the launch of a brand new Chapter with tons of new content. Things haven’t slowed down on the crossover side of things but the opening of a new season is always a bit quieter. We get our season long additions in the Battle Pass like Peter Griffin, but what about item shop skins? Fortnite X Dragon Ball is returning again in Chapter 5, with villains like Cell in Fortnite.

Both Frieza and Cell in Fortnite are coming soon! In the days since Chapter 5 launched, Epic has added another update to the FN servers. This is partially dealing with the Fortnite Lego mode release, but we’ve got some skin leaks too. As is normal with updates, Epic has added cosmetics into the game which aren’t active yet. Two of the most exciting are the Dragon Ball villains, Cell and Frieza in Fortnite.

These are two of the most iconic characters in Shonen, or largely media as a whole. They’re both coming with alternative styles and plenty of extra cosmetics. Great for rounding out your squad if players are already using the Saiyan skins. This is what we’ve learned about the latest Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover.

Frieza and Cell in Fortnite in New Leaks

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Chapter 5

Fortnite leakers are quick to dive through the files whenever a new update hits. While Epic usually promotes plenty of new content there are always some bits under the hood too. New skins or features added into the files which we can’t get to see in full until a few days later. A really exciting new batch of skins was added in the most recent update, Cell and Frieza in Fortnite.

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The leaks are pointing towards Chapter 5 Season 1’s first anime crossover being a third round of Fortnite X Dragon Ball. This was one of the first collabs coming as an anime crossover for Fortnite. It originally included a batch of the primary characters and some in-game items. However, villains were some notable omissions. Dragon Ball’s villains are some of the most recognisable in anime, but so far Epic has focused on more heroic characters. That’s changing with the newest skins, where we’ll see both Frieza and Cell in Fortnite.

These latest skins have leaked with the most recent update along with a few extra cosmetics. What can we expect from the newest Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover and when will it release?

New Fortnite X Dragon Ball Skins Leak

The latest Fortnite leaks are showing off quite a few new Fortnite X Dragon Ball skins. As usual, though, these aren’t just single outfits. We’re getting quite a few different cosmetics along with different outfits for both characters. These are all of the cosmetics we’ve seen leaked so far.

Cell in Fortnite

  • Imperfect Cell Skin
  • Perfect Cell Skin
  • Larva form Back Bling

cell in Fortnite

Frieza in Fortnite Skins

  • Final Form Frieza Skin
  • Golden Frieza Skin
  • Travel Pod Glider

Freiza in Fortnite

Those are the cosmetics we’ve seen leaked so far. It looks like each will be available in its own bundle, so you might need to have amassed quite a few V-Bucks for both. The choice of skins is interesting here too. The more recent Golden Frieza form seems like an easy inclusion, matching the other Dragon Ball Super forms already in the game. Cell’s skins are a bit more interesting though. His final perfect version is the most recognisable, but his first imperfect design is interesting. It’s a more bug horror-based creature. However, definitely a less strange design than the middle semi-perfect form or more recent Cell Max. Great to see a weirder design showing up with Cell in Fortnite.

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A lot of players were expecting more Dragon Ball skins eventually, these have been some of the biggest crossovers Fortnite has had in the past. Some players were expecting characters like Trunks to show up first, but getting some villains from the franchise is equally exciting.

When Will the New Fortnite X Dragon Ball Skins Release?

The latest skins have been added to the game’s files, but we don’t have a full release date just yet. Usually, when skins show up they’re not far away. Although, we have had some hold-ups recently. The 2023 Halloween FN skins and Invincible crossovers were both in the files for weeks before they became active in the store. These Dragon Ball skins seem to be coming during Winterfest though. We can probably expect Frieza in Fortnite to arrive in the midst of a Christmas-themed shop!

Will There be In-Game Items?

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2 - Kamehameha

Not every Fortnite crossover sees in-game items added to the game, Dragon Ball has been a bit special. Every time we’ve gotten new skins for this collab, we’ve gotten some in-game items back. If past crossovers are anything to go by, we can expect these items to make a comeback soon with Cell in Fortnite.

  • Kamehameha Attack
  • Nimbus Cloud (reskin of witch’s broom)

We can probably expect these to show back up for at least a few days while the Fortnite X Dragon Ball event is going on. We’ll see all of this when Frieza in Fortnite hits the game pretty soon. In upcoming patches, we’re seeing a new Fortnite Lego game, more Fortnite Chapter 5 esports events, and these fun collabs.

Cell and Frieza in Fortnite Chapter 5 – Huge Collab Coming
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