Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need To Know To Build Them in the Frostlands

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Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need To Know To Build Them in the Frostlands

The Frostlands are another biome where permanence can be put to the test due to the climate and the enemies you will find. If you arrived here, it's because you passed through the Grasslands and the Dry Valley, so now it's time to tell you everything you need to know to build the Lego Fortnite bases in this place.

These lands are dangerous and wild, but they also offer many resources and materials that are essential to progress in the game. For this reason, building your base here is definitely a great idea to make this process easier. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Frostlands so that you will be prepared when you arrive there.

Everything You Need To Know To Build Lego Fortnite Bases in the Frostlands

The Frostlands is like the ultimate challenge in the game, a real test for the bravest players out there. Before you even think about exploring this icy wonderland, make sure you're tough from your adventures in the other two areas. You want your health and tools to be top-notch, ready to face all the tough stuff this frozen land throws at you.

Setting up a village in the Frostlands is a smart move. It brings you close to all the good stuff, and having a comfy place to spend the night is mega important. Grab a bunch of basic wood and granite before you head in; they're not easy to find in these chilly parts. But don't stress about vines; you will find plenty by chopping the bushes. Just watch out for frost spiders; they drop regular silk and can be a bit sneaky.

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Now, let's dive into what makes the Frostlands special. There's a whole bunch of cool stuff here that you won't find anywhere else. The Frostpine trees, standing tall and covered in snow, are like the superheroes of trees. Only the toughest Forest Axes can chop them down, giving you precious Frostpine wood. Frost Shells, a rare find, come from Frost Rollers, and mean-looking blue wolves, known as Arctic Claws, drop claws that can be super useful in certain recipes. Be cautious, though; those wolves can really take a big chunk out of your health. But if you defeat them, victory is sweet, and those Arctic Claws are yours.

Don't forget about the rams in the Frostlands; give them a little love, and they will drop Heavy Wool. Spin that into Heavy Wool Thread, and you've got something handy for those high-level recipes. Malachite, a greenish mineral, is like a hidden treasure along the mountainsides, just like Obsidian. Cut it into slabs using a Stone Cutter and use it for your crafting adventures. Venture into the ice caves, and you might stumble upon Rough Sapphires. Deep inside other caves, you will discover Iron, a tough metal that, when smelted into Iron Bars, becomes the key to crafting epic tools and weapons.

But beware of the tough enemies that lurk in the Frostlands. If you manage to defeat Arctic Wolves, they drop Cursed Bones, perfect for high-level crafting. Face off with a Frost Brute, and once you conquer it, you will be rewarded with a Frost Brute Scale. Food is like a rare treasure in the Frostlands, so pack plenty. Meat from wolves, scorpions, cows, and sheep is good, and you can even get milk from the cows up there. Snowberries are the only other option, and they're essential for making Snowberry Shakes.

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Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need To Know To Build Them in the Frostlands
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