Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need to Know To Build Them in the Grasslands

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Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need to Know To Build Them in the Grasslands

Building a base in Lego Fortnite is certainly a very important thing, which is why it is something that must be studied well and must not be done in a hurry. Lego Fortnite bases can also save your life in some cases when you find yourself in dangerous areas of the game world, so try to think carefully about where to place them. For this reason, in this article, we will give you some tips on Lego Fortnite bases so that you can proceed with building them in complete safety.

Everything You Need To Know About Building Lego Fortnite Bases in the Grasslands

The Grasslands are a vast land filled with wide-open plains, hills that gently roll, and vibrant green grass all around. The weather in this region is quite pleasant, not too hot or too cold. You might feel a bit chilly at night or when raindrops fall. While wandering through The Grasslands, you'll stumble upon numerous caves. It's a smart move to establish your base close to one of these caves because you'll need to go inside regularly to gather materials.

When you're ready to construct your base, the first step is creating a Village Square. All it takes is collecting 10 Granite and 10 Wood to craft it. For added protection, consider putting up a fence around your village to make it harder for enemies to invade. This won't eliminate all threats, as a few skeletons might still show up at night, but it significantly reduces their numbers. As you explore, make sure to pick up wood and granite pieces from the ground until you can craft your essential tools. Armed with your tools, you can start gathering a variety of resources from different places:

  • Wood: Easily collected from trees, fallen logs, or roots underground.
  • Granite: Gather rocks from the ground or use a pickaxe on large rocks to obtain granite.
  • Vines: Break bushes or gather vines when harvesting pumpkins and corn.
  • Knotroot: These unique, pale, twisted roots are only found in Grassland caves, usually along the cave walls.
  • Marble: Similar to knotroot, marble is exclusive to Grassland caves and is commonly found along cave walls or ceilings.
  • Wool: Pet sheep to collect wool, then use a Spinning Wheel to spin it into Wool Thread.
  • Feathers: Chickens drop feathers and meat when defeated, and you might discover feathers in chests within the biome.
  • Shells: These shells aren't found on the beach but are dropped by defeated rollers.
  • Claws: Wolves roam the Grasslands, attacking you or other animals. Defeat them to obtain meat and claws.
  • Silk: Spiders are a common sight during your explorations. Take them out to get silk, which can be later turned into Silk Thread using a Spinning Wheel.
  • Bone: Skeletons come out at night. Defeat them to collect bones for various crafting recipes.
  • Brute Scale: These formidable biome bosses are tough to beat. You won't need them until the final crafting table upgrade, and you can find them either along the Shore or in the rolling hills.
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lego fortnite bases

As you spend time exploring The Grasslands, you'll soon realize the importance of keeping yourself well-fed to maintain your health. Fortunately, The Grasslands biome offers a variety of food resources that will prevent you from going hungry. Additionally, while foraging and opening chests, you'll come across seeds that can be planted in your village to grow your own food. Here are some of the food resources you can find in The Grasslands:

  • Meat: Obtain meat by hunting animals or from scorpions in caves and hermit crabs on the Shore.
  • Raspberries: These bushes are abundant throughout the Grasslands, providing a tasty and nutritious snack.
  • Slurp Mushrooms: Found in caves across all biomes, these mushrooms can't be eaten directly. However, once you build a Juicer machine, you can use Slurp Mushrooms and Raspberries to create Slurp Juice.
  • Corn: Plenty of corn stalks are scattered around the Grasslands. Eat them raw for a quick health refill, or enjoy Corn on the Cob for health plus two minutes of energy regeneration.
  • Pumpkins: Usually growing on the outsides of larger bushes, pumpkins can be eaten raw for a swift health refill or saved to make Pumpkin Pies in the Oven later.
  • Wheat: While not naturally growing in the Grasslands, you may find chests containing Wheat Stalks or Wheat Grain that can be planted and grown in your village. Once you build a grain mill, you can use it to turn Wheat Grain into Flour for cooking.
  • Slap berries: Found on bushes, especially along the Shore areas, these berries can be juiced using the Juicer. Consume one berry for one minute of energy regeneration or one Slap Juice for two minutes of energy regeneration.
  • Milk: If you choose to pet cows instead of harming them, they'll drop milk for you. You can also feed them berries or vines for extra drops. Drink the milk or save it to make Snowberry Shakes in the Juicer.
  • Eggs: Chickens may be a bit bothersome, but petting them will result in eggs. Use these eggs to make Fried Eggs on the grill or save them for other recipes later.
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lego fortnite bases

Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need to Know To Build Them in the Grasslands
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