How to Get the Lego Fortnite Roller Shells and Defeat Rollers

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How to Get the Lego Fortnite Roller Shells and Defeat Rollers

In Lego Fortnite, there are some resources that are more difficult than others to collect. In addition to those found inside caves, such as Blast Cores, there are some that are on the surface, such as Lego Fortnite Roller Shells which, however, are not very simple to collect. The reason? You will have to face enemies in order to be able to acquire this resource. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail all you have to do to defeat these enemies and how to find Lego Fortnite Roller Shells.

How to Get the Lego Fortnite Roller Shells

Roller Shells are what you get when you defeat Rollers, these strange crab-like enemies that can really pack a punch. Spotting Rollers is tough because they're rare and like to blend in like rocks. However, they give themselves away with a sprout on top and the occasional shake. When you get too close, they pop up and attack with rolling moves that can knock off a big chunk of your health. But once they finish rolling, they get a bit dizzy, and that's your cue to strike. Be careful, though, because even from a distance, they can throw stuff at you.

Before you take on a Roller, make sure you're armed with a good weapon, a shield, and some food to heal up if things get tough. Rollers also have a weird liking for Bones. Drop some Bones nearby, and it'll tempt them out of hiding, giving you a chance to attack while they're busy. Each Roller drops one Shell when you defeat it.

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You need three Shells to upgrade your Work Bench for the first time, so you'll have to find at least three Rollers. Shells are also handy for crafting charms. And guess what? You might stumble upon Shells in chests hidden around the world. So, keep your eyes peeled, get ready for a fight, and collect those Roller Shells!

Lego Fortnite Roller Shells

How to Get the Lego Fortnite Roller Shells and Defeat Rollers
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