Lego Fortnite Blast Core: How to Get it

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Lego Fortnite Blast Core: How to Get it

The Lego Fortnite Blast Core is one of the hardest resources to obtain in the game. Not only because it is not easy to locate it, but also because it is located in dangerous areas where it is very easy to die. For this reason, when you decide to go looking for the Lego Fortnite Blast Core, you will have to be prepared and you will need a bit of planning. In any case, in this article, we will explain how to collect it and give you some suggestions so as not to lose your nerves in the process.

How to Get Lego Fortnite Blast Core

Getting Blast Core involves defeating Blasters, which are little crab creatures. These creatures are more challenging to deal with compared to Rollers and Sand Rollers. You'll find Blasters in Lava Caves located in the Drylands, which is a scorching desert with rocky formations and cacti. The Lava Caves are perilous not only due to the intense heat but also because skeletons inhabit them and throw dynamite at you.

Similar to Rollers, Blasters stay hidden underground and emerge when you approach. To spot them, keep an eye out for moving black mounds with glowing embers on top. This is a sign that Blasters are lurking beneath the surface. Additionally, there's a chance of obtaining Blast Core by searching through treasure chests. So, while exploring, be on the lookout for these chests, as they might contain the valuable Lego Fortnite Blast Core you're seeking.

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Lego Fortnite Blast Core

How to Defeat Blasters

Before you step into a Lava Cave in Lego Fortnite, get yourself ready. Put on a Cool-Headed Charm, make sure your health is full, and bring along good gear and items. By now, you're probably used to how the enemies attack—rolling at you, throwing things, and being a bit of a nuisance. Blasters make things trickier because they can explode and take you out.

You need to deal with them quickly or keep a safe distance to avoid getting caught in their explosions. You can use weapons from a distance or let your Explorer NPC do most of the fighting for you. Here's a handy trick: Blasters, just like Rollers, really love bones. If you drop a bone close by, they'll come out to check it out and have a snack. That's your chance to attack while they're busy enjoying the bone. So, keep that in mind as you navigate through the challenges of the Lava Cave.

Lego Fortnite Blast Core


Lego Fortnite Blast Core: How to Get it
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