Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need To Know To Build Them in the Dry Valley

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Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need To Know To Build Them in the Dry Valley

After seeing what awaits you if you decide to build your Lego Fortnite bases in the Grasslands, the time has come to tell you everything you need to know about another biome present in Lego Fortnite, namely the Dry Valley. This place is not as hospitable as the Grasslands, mainly due to its scorching climate, which can put you in serious difficulty, so you will need to know a few things before proceeding with building your base in this biome. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know so that you are not caught unprepared when you visit this place for the first time.

Everything You Need To Know To Build Lego Fortnite Bases in the Dry Valley

As you continue playing the game, you will realize that some recipes require special items not easily found in the Grasslands. This discovery will motivate you to journey into the Dry Valley to collect these important resources. Traveling to the Dry Valley can be quite a journey, depending on how your map is set up. To make your trips more comfortable, it's a good idea to think about building a village right there in the Dry Valley. But remember, the Dry Valley is super hot! If you don't have the right gear, navigating through the desert can be tough, and the heat might slowly affect your health.

Before you embark on longer adventures into the Dry Valley, it's important to gather a few things to handle the intense heat. While the Cool-Headed Charm is useful, it doesn't work well by itself in the Dry Valley caves. You will also need Snowberries or Snowberry Shakes to endure the desert's heat, especially when you're exploring caves.

Once you've got everything you need to survive the scorching desert, creating a village in the Dry Valley becomes a clever move. This not only makes it easier to get the area's resources but also lets you unlock the Majestic Manors set of build recipes as you upgrade your Dry Valley village. These cool recipes can be used anywhere you want, giving you lots of new building options.

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In the Dry Valley, there are some essential materials you will need for building, including Wood, Granite, Vines, and Silk from the sand spiders. However, there are a few unique items that are exclusive to the desert, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are all the materials you can find in this biome:

  • Flexwood: This special wood is only found in the Dry Valley biome and is obtained by chopping down Cacti. To do this, you'll need a Common Forest Axe or a better one to handle these tough plants.
  • Sand Shells: The desert has its own version of the Roller, called the Sand Roller. When you defeat these tougher creatures, they drop Sand Shells. Make sure to bring a sturdy sword and shield, as they are much stronger than the Grasslands variety.
  • Sand Claws: Similar to the wolves in the Grasslands, Sand wolves are more aggressive and formidable. Defeat them, and they'll drop Sand Claws, which are essential for certain recipes.
  • Rough Amber: High up on the tall mountain towers in the Dry Valley, you can find bright yellow clusters of Rough Amber. Use an Uncommon Pickaxe or better to break them open and collect this unique material.
  • Obsidian: Inside the caves of the Dry Valley, there's a blue-ish mineral called Obsidian. To mine this, and other items in these caves, you'll need a Rare Pickaxe or a better one.
  • Rough Ruby: The Dry Valley caves also hold red gem clusters known as Rough Ruby, which can be found on the cave walls.
  • Copper: The first metal you encounter in the game is copper, and it's found in the caves of the Dry Valley. Once you collect some, you can smelt it into Copper Bars for crafting weapons and tools.
  • Brightcore: These bright, glowing clusters are hidden deep inside the Dry Valley Lava Caves. They are useful for smelting metal in the smelter and crafting lamps and lanterns.
  • Blast Core: Inside Dry Valley Lava Caves, you'll encounter black creatures called Blasters. When alerted, they flash red until they explode. Whether you defeat them or let them explode, they drop Blast Core, which can be used for various recipes.
  • Sand Brute Scale: The desert has its own version of the powerful Brute, known as the Sand Brute. When defeated, it drops a Sand Brute Scale that can be used for crafting higher-level items.
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While the Desert doesn't offer as many food choices as the lush Grasslands, there are still ways to sustain yourself in this challenging biome. Unlike the Grasslands, you won't encounter cows, berries, or pumpkins here. Your primary food sources in the desert include meat from hunting wolves, chickens, or scorpions, as well as scavenging Spicy Peppers. These Spicy Peppers add a flavorful kick to your meals and can be found scattered around the desert.

To ensure a continuous food supply in both the Dry Valley and then in the Frostlands too, where you can also plant crops, it's wise to come prepared when building your village. Bring along plenty of soil, fertilizer, and seeds so that you can cultivate your own food sources. This way, you'll be well-prepared to establish a thriving village in these challenging biomes, with a sustainable source of nourishment to fuel your adventures.

lego fortnite bases

Lego Fortnite Bases: Everything You Need To Know To Build Them in the Dry Valley
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