Lego Fortnite Brightcore: How to Get it

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Lego Fortnite Brightcore: How to Get it

In Lego Fortnite, you will have the opportunity to collect many different materials as you progress in your adventure and explore different biomes. Some of these materials, like Lego Fortnite Brightcore, are very important to the game's economy. In fact, it is essential for managing upgrades for many things that are present in the game. For this reason, you absolutely cannot do without it. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail everything you will have to do to obtain this resource.

How to Get the Lego Fortnite Brightcore resource

When you get your hands on Brightcore for the first time, a bunch of new recipes will become available for you. The most significant ones are two kinds of Utility Tables. You will need Brightcore to make both the Metal Smelter and Oven. The Metal Smelter is useful for turning certain ores into metal bars, and the Oven helps you whip up better consumable items.

If you're thinking of brightening up your place, Brightcore comes in handy for that too. Different lighting fixtures, like Night Lights or Lamps, will need different amounts of Brightcore to shine. So, keep some Brightcore around if you want to upgrade your home and create useful stuff in your Metal Smelter and Oven.

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If you're on the lookout for Brightcore, start by heading to the desert area. Explore the caves scattered around the Dry Valley to discover valuable ores and metals. However, Brightcore isn't just lying around anywhere. You will specifically find it in the Lava Caves. If you enter a cave and it doesn't have lava and magma, try another one. Keep in mind, it gets pretty hot in the Dry Valley and Lava Caves, so load up on items that help you handle the heat before venturing in.

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To spot Brightcore, go closer to the lava. Jump or glide down to the ore deposits near the lava pools. Brightcore pieces stick out from the grayer stone with an orange-ish hue. To mine it, you'll need a Rare Pickaxe; other pickaxes won't work. If you're planning a big Brightcore haul, bring multiple Rare Pickaxes.

Once your village levels up, chat with one of your villagers and assign them the task of collecting resources. They might reward you with extra Brightcore. Additionally, keep an eye out for Brightcore in chests scattered throughout the world. So, explore wisely and gather as much Brightcore as you can!

Lego Fortnite Brightcore

Lego Fortnite Brightcore: How to Get it
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