How to Get Malachite in Lego Fortnite

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How to Get Malachite in Lego Fortnite

Don’t let the cold hold you back! Discover how to get Malachite in Lego Fortnite as you venture into the Frostlands

Navigating the Frostlands can be a fearsome challenge, but the rewards the snowy peaks have to offer are genuinely worthwhile. Among the various resources scattered throughout this region, Malachite stands out as a valuable item. These emerald-like stones are not easy to find, but they are considered one of the best resources to collect in the game. Even having a small Malachite stockpile signifies a significant game achievement. As we tell you how to get Malachite in Lego Fortnite, brace yourself for a perilous journey through frigid conditions.

How to Get Malachite in Lego Fortnite

Let’s discover how to survive the icy colds and carve through the heart of the Frostlands to unearth some precious green goods.

Where to Find Malachite in Lego Fortnite?

You can expect to come across Malachite when you travel deep into the Frostlands.

While exploring the Frostlands, you'll spot icy pillars and platforms on the mountains where Malachite is found. Although you can find Malachite without climbing snowy mountains, it's smart to craft and carry a Grappler. Using it allows you to climb the sides of the Frostlands' mountains and discover more Malachite deposits.

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How to Prepare for Malachite Mining?

How to Get Malachite in Lego Fortnite

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To mine Malachite, you'll require an Epic Pickaxe, which becomes available for crafting once you upgrade to an Epic Crafting Bench. Keep an eye out for green ores. Once you find some, swing the Pickaxe at them to break them up. After breaking down the green gem, you can collect Malachite. For crafting an Epic Pickaxe, you must gather five Frostpine Rods and eight Obisidian Slabs.

Getting the Obsidian Slab is relatively easy—simply visit a cave, mine obsidian using the Rare Pickaxe, and use the Stonebreaker to obtain it. Obtaining Frostpine Rods, however, is more challenging as they come from Frostpine trees found only in the Frostlands and can be cut down solely with the Epic Forest Axe. Your initial focus should be on crafting this axe, which will require three Copper Bars and three Knotrood Rods.

Use a Rare Pickaxe to collect Copper from a cave and process it in a Metal Smelter to create Copper Bars. For Knotroot Rods, place Knoot in the Lumber Mill in a 1-to-1 ratio. Find Knoot in Forest caves on walls, ceilings, or the ground; it resembles a twisted root and can be cut with the Uncommon Forest Axe.

As mentioned before, you will need to upgrade your workbench to Epic grade, which might pose difficulties for players who aren't very experienced. To create it, you'll need to upgrade the Work Bench step by step, moving from Common to Epic rarity. These are the prerequisites for different workbench rarities:

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Work Bench Rarity



  • Wood x3
  • Granite x5

Uncommon (Level 2)

  • Shells x3
  • Planks x8

Rare (Level 3)

  • Sand Shells x3
  • Sand Claws x6
  • Knotroot Rods x12
  • Marble Slabs x15

Epic (Level 4)

  • Brute Scale x1
  • Copper Bars x15
  • Obsidian Slabs x25

Also, make sure to collect cold resistance items while exploring the Frostlands, especially if you intend to spend a long time exploring and mining Malachite. Spicy Peppers found in the desert biome can be useful here. Eating one grants you 2 minutes of cold resistance. Gather a sufficient quantity before you begin your Frostlands adventure.

What is Malachite Used For?

After you've collected a good quantity of Malachite, one of the primary tasks is to convert it into Malachite Slabs. This can be done using a Stone Breaker utility station. If you haven't constructed one yet, you can easily cook one up with 20 Knotroots and 35 Marbles.

Crafting strong charms is the primary use of Malachite. You can create the Hearty Totem for bonus health, a more robust Cool-Headed Charm for heat resistance, and the Charm of Resilience to get an extra edge during combat situations.

How to Get Malachite in Lego Fortnite
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