How to Get Lego Fortnite Frost Shells

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How to Get Lego Fortnite Frost Shells

Where can you find Lego Fortnite Frost Shells? Depending on the type of biome you are in, you will have to deal with different enemies, some of which are variations of enemies you have encountered in other places. This is the case, for example, of Frost Rollers, or a variant of Rollers (and Sand Rollers). These enemies, once defeated, allow you to obtain Lego Fortnite Frost Shells, resources that you will need during your adventure to make the game easier. However, getting hold of these resources will not be a simple thing. In this article, therefore, we will give you some useful advice on how to obtain these resources and how to deal with these enemies.

Where to Find Lego Fortnite Frost Shells

To get the Lego Fortnite Frost Shells, you will have to go to the Frostlands biome. In fact, as can be deduced from their name, this particular type of enemy is only found in icy places. These enemies are very clever and hide under the snow and you will be able to recognize them because you will see two crystals right above their shell. However, it will not be at all easy to kill them to get hold of the Lego Fortnite Frost Shells.

A general piece of advice that we can give you to be able to identify them more quickly is to head to the areas adjacent to those with snow, so that there is no snow on the ground to make the entire identification process even more complex. Once that has been said, it is important that you prepare properly to face the enemies, as this variant is much stronger than the ones you have faced so far, so a bit of strategy and preparation is required.

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Once you've got your hands on a Frost Roller, it's crucial to gear up wisely before diving into a skirmish armed only with a Shortsword and no protection. Instead, opt for a safer approach by arming yourself with at least a Rare Longsword and a trusty Rare or Epic Knight Shield. To amp up your defense against the biting cold and enemy strikes, consider strapping on two Epic Inner Fire Charms. For an extra layer of resilience, toss in an Epic Health Charm to boost both your health and defense.

Prepare yourself for a battle that might stretch out a bit, as these frosty foes tend to put up a good fight and take their sweet time to be vanquished. Be on guard for the possibility of facing not just one, but a pair of these icy adversaries simultaneously. Overcoming them won't be easy, but the rewards are worthwhile. Frost Shells are mostly used to make a special thing called the Rare Cool-Headed Charm. This charm is super helpful when it's super hot in Dry Valley biomes. To make it, gather 3x Heavy Wool Thread, 5x Frost Shell, 1x Sand Brute Scale, and 3x Malachite Slab.

Lego Fortnite Frost Shells

How to Get Lego Fortnite Frost Shells
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