LEC: Misfits v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

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LEC: Misfits v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

Things get serious in week 2 of the LEC Spring Split with the Misfits v G2 Playoffs series.

Last week saw some great matches. With Rogue v Misfits, we had Rogue able to pick up the 3-1 win. The “Kings” took to the Rift as Fnatic faced off against G2, with Fnatic coming out on top. The last action of the weekend saw a 5-game series between Excel and Vitality. This week started with G2 taking down Vitality in a swift 3-0 series before Rogue reverse swept Fnatic to head to the Grand Finals. Now our attention turns back to G2 as they look to beat Misfits and set up a rematch with Fnatic.


Misfits v G2 Game 1

Misfits v G2 Playoffs

It was a perfect start for G2, picking up the first blood in a mid-lane 1v1. A dominant start saw G2 pick up 3 more kills quickly after, while also securing the Rift Herald. MSF did find a way into the game by the mid-game, however, they had a cool 3k deficit to make up. Our first team fight went the way of MSF, as they took down four members of G2. Sadly for MSF, the gold lead was still 3k but this gave them an opening. The game's first big objective fight was over the Drake, and it was MSF again who were more clinical in the early team fight. Another objective victory for MSG, as a 1-for-1 trade, sends G2 back to their base, with Baron still in play on the Rift.

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Finally, G2 would force a fight that they did win, picking up an ace and a Soul Drake. That was enough for them to march into the MSF base and secure a Game 1 win.


Teams: Misfits v G2
Time: 33:53
Kills: 9-13
Turrets: 2-5
Gold: 54.1k – 60.1k
Dragons: 1-4
Barons: 0-0


Misfits v G2 Game 2

Misfits v G2 Playoffs

First blood goes over to G2 once again, with a 1k lead already secured. By the 13-minute mark, G2 had moved to 3k ahead, with MSF once again playing from behind in this series. Within four minutes, G2 had nearly doubled their lead, with 3-0 on towers in their favor. Despite that, MSF tried to fight G2 prior to Drake spawning and, unsurprisingly, they lost the fight. The Drake moved G2 onto Soul Point. MSF force a 4v2, despite getting an early kill they were forced away with the rest of G2 coming to play. Baron is secured by G2 as they looked to end. G2 open up the MSF base, despite their best attempts, MSF couldn't do anything to hold back the G2 wave.

Teams: Misfits – G2
Time: 26:51
Kills: 4-19
Turrets: 2-9
Gold: 39.3k – 52.9k
Dragons: 0-4
Barons: 0-1

Misfits v G2 Game 3

Misfits v G2 Playoffs

MSF does pick up a first blood finally, though G2 quickly trades it back. Despite the early advantage, G2 once again found themselves ahead in a game this series. It's more dominance for G2, as they pick up a 3k lead by the 12-minute mark. MSF continued to struggle to get back into the game, losing key battles across the map. With the third Drake just a minute away, G2 had a 6k lead. Just 22 and a half minutes gone, G2 was inside the MSF base, knocking down inhibitors. With members dropped, MSF had nothing left to defend as G2 swept the series 3-0. That sets them up for a Lower Bracket Final with FNC next weekend, with the winner facing RGE.

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Teams: G2 v Misfits
Time: 23:32
Kills: 20-8
Turrets: 9-4
Gold: 50.8k – 38.6k
Dragons: 3-0
Barons: 1-0

LEC: Misfits v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap
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