LEC: Fnatic v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

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LEC: Fnatic v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

The first game of the LEC Playoffs got underway this weekend.

It feels like it's been an age since we last watched the LEC. The break has been no doubt great for the players. However, it's good to see it finally return. The weekend of playoffs action got underway with Rogue v Misfits, with Rogue able to pick up the 3-1 win. Next up was the battle of the “Kings” as Fnatic faced off against G2.

Fnatic v G2 Game 1

FNC v G2 G1

G2 picked up the first blood as they secured an early lead. G2 would go on to pick up two more kills shortly after, with just one traded back to Fnatic. They then looked to force a 5v5 around the Drake, and it was the moment the momentum shifted. Fnatic took down four members of G2 as the lead went over to Fnatic. It's like déjà vu on the next Drake, with Fnatic once again claiming a clean fight victory. Fnatic were also able to turn that into a Baron, and another ace, as Fnatic moved to 7k ahead at 22-minutes. With Baron, Fnatic claimed a bot-lane inhibitor, increasing their lead to 10k. Fnatic reset with Baron dropping off as they looked to claim the Soul Drake.

While G2 stole away the Drake, they were unable to do anything about Fnatic's power in the fights. Despite a slow start, Fnatic was able to secure a comfortable victory in the end as they took an early series lead.

Teams: Fnatic v G2
Time: 26:04
Kills: 20-8
Turrets: 9-1
Gold: 53k – 42.2k
Dragons: 3-1
Barons: 1-0

Game 2

FNC v G2 G2

First blood again went over to G2, as they got the early lead. A calm came across the match as they ticked over into the 10-minute mark, with G2 just 400g ahead. G2 forced a Drake to play, and while Fnatic took an early kill, G2 was able to trade it back and claim a Drake. With Fnatic fleeing, they picked up another member, moving to 3k ahead. G2 continued to keep ahead, but Fnatic remained within arm's length. G2 squeezed out more of a lead in their next fight, moving to 4k ahead. Though Fnatic was continuing to look for picks but to no avail. G2 moved to secure Baron, with a member of Fnatic out of the fight. G2 risked a 50/50, but Fnatic was unable to stop them.

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With Baron G2 claimed the bot lane inhibitor before moving to secure the Soul Drake. With that secured, G2's lead increased to just shy of 10k as they looked to end. G2 kept their cool and secure the win. After Fnatic dominated the first game, G2 did the same for Game 2.

Teams: G2 v Fnatic
Kills: 20-4
Turrets: 11-3
Gold: 64k – 52k
Dragons: 4-1
Barons: 1-0

Game 3

FNC v G2 G3

First blood to Fnatic for the first time in the series, as they look to get back to winning ways. A massive fight for Fnatic, picking up a 3-for-1 trade as they increased their lead to 2k. G2 did pick up 2 valuable kills moments later, however, as Game 3 got spicy. Fnatic quickly turned that around with another team fight win under the G2 top tower. Picking up three more kills and moving to 5k ahead. Moving into the 18th-minute, Fnatic maintained their lead with Baron coming into play. It would take until the 30-minute mark for Baron to be brought into play, with Fnatic looking like they'd fumbled the ball before stealing off G2. It was likely the play that would keep G2 in the game. With Baron, Fnatic took out the bot-lane inhibitor, moving to 12k ahead and looking to close out the game.

With Baron dropping off, Fnatic made a push into the G2 base. Despite picking up two kills, G2 was unable to hold Fnatic back. The win took Fnatic into a match-point position heading into Game 4.

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Teams: Fnatic v G2
Time: 35:00
Kills: 21-12
Turrets: 11-1
Gold: 69k – 55.4k
Dragons: 4-0
Barons: 1-0

Game 4

FNC v G2 G4

A pick first blood for G2, who quickly turned it into a second kill in the top lane. A frantic first 10-minutes, saw Fnatic claw back two more kills, though G2 would remain 500g ahead. We got our first 5v5 in the mid-lane, with G2 just managing to get away ahead. With the match point on the line, G2 moved into the Baron phase level on points, with the tension in the game showing. A 5v5 at the Drake went the way of Fnatic once more, with G2 engaging out of sync. However, with health bars low, G2 somehow managed to secure the Drake, denying Fnatic a Soul. At the next Drake, Fnatic was able to steal away the Drake, securing the soul. The fight after was messy, with a 1-for-1 trade, though it was a fight G2 needed to win. On the tail end, caPs was caught out as Fnatic charged down the mid-lane.

G2 couldn't defend the base, and Fnatic had enough to secure a 3-1 series victory.


Teams: G2 v Fnatic
Time: 29:50
Kills:  11-13
Turrets: 2-5
Gold: 46.3k – 49.2k
Dragons: 1-4
Barons:  0-0
LEC: Fnatic v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap
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