LEC: Rogue v Misfits Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

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LEC: Rogue v Misfits Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

The first game of the LEC Playoffs got underway this weekend.

It feels like it's been an age since we last watched the LEC. The break has been no doubt great for the players. However, it's good to see it finally return. The weekend of playoffs action got underway with Rogue v Misfits, with an exciting Bo5 expected.


Rogue v Misfits Game 1

rge mis g1

Misfits first blood is secured in the bot lane, but Rogue quickly traded two back. Rogue continued to squeeze Misfits out of the Rift. Picking up a 6-2 lead by the mid-game. Moving into the 20-minute mark, RGE had secured a 5k lead with Misfits unable to get a hold on the game. A big Drake team fight was MSF chance to get back into the game but RGE was more than ready. Extending their lead once more. With RGE able to secure Baron, MSF did well to knock the buff off a few members. Though it ultimately only looked like it would delay the inevitable. MSF did well to shut down the RGE Baron, however, right before the second Baron spawning they would lose a team fight four-for-one. Handing RGE a second Baron as they looked to close the game out.

Sadly for MSF, it was enough for RGE to take the victory. While we had a back-and-forth late game, RGE looked on top from the start. MSF will need to regroup and prepare for a massive game 2.

Teams: Rogue – Misfits
Time: 37:54
Kills: 27-9
Turrets: 9-3
Gold: 76k – 61.6k
Dragons: 3-3
Barons: 2-0

Game 2

rge mis g2

Game 2 started the way Game 1 ended for RGE. By the 7-minute mark, they'd moved to a cool 1k lead. With Rift Herald dropping bot-side, RGE gained massive tempo across the map. By 11-minutes, they moved to 2.5k. The dominance continued, with MSF unable to get a grip on the series thus far. A 4k lead leading up to the Baron spawning means MSF has a lot of work to do. RGE baited MSF into a Baron fight, with two members of MSF dropping in the exchange. RGE secured it, while MSF looked to claim the Drake. However, MSF couldn't' find the play, with RGE claiming a free Drake. RGE marched into the MSF base, even with Baron falling off. The 9k lead at 28-minutes looked too much for MSF to deal with.
MSF would force a fight to keep the series alive, and while it's two-deaths pieces, RGE failed to knock down a second inhibitor. A second Baron is easily secured for RGE as the match looked over. MSF would need to win all three games left to avoid a lower-bracket run.
Teams: Misfits – Rogue
Time: 31:05
Kills: 5-19
Turrets: 3-11
Gold: 50.1k – 61.2k
Dragons: 4-0
Barons: 2-0

Game 3

rge mis g3

First blood is secured by RGE, with a second kill following soon after. MSF got one back, but 600g was given over. They finally found a way to get a lead in the series, finally putting power in the hands of their carries. MSF continued to pick kills all over the map as they claw their way back in the series. RGE found a way back into the game with a solid fight, however, MSF dusted themselves off to remain in the lead. With Baron spawning, MSF had a 7k lead, as it looked like we had a series on our hands. With Baron, MSF was able to sweep RGE aside in the third game. Knocking down the RGE Nexus within 24-minutes.
Teams: Misfits – Rogue
Time: 23:24
Turrets: 11-1
Gold: 50k – 38.2k
Dragons: 3-0
Barons: 1-0

Game 4

rge mis g4

A massive double kill start for RGE, as they secured an early 1.5k lead. RGE maintained the lead into the mid-game, with a 3k lead to boot. They kept up the push, picking up six more kills and a Drake. MSF went for the hail mary, but it looked to have backfired. It was only 22-minutes into the game but MSF forced a play outside their base, and it ended in disaster. Comp was able to rip apart the members of MSF and it was game over. RGE pushed into the base and secured the series win, moving them into the Upper Bracket Final against Fnatic or G2. MSF now play in the Lower Bracket next week.
Teams: Rogue – Misfits
Kills: 20-4
Turrets: 10-1
Gold: 47.8k – 34.1k
Dragons: 1-0
Barons: 0-0
LEC: Rogue v Misfits Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap
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