LEC: G2 Esports v Vitality Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

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LEC: G2 Esports v Vitality Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

Things get serious in week 2 of the LEC Spring Split Playoffs.

Last week saw some great matches. With Rogue v Misfits, we had Rogue able to pick up the 3-1 win. The “Kings” took to the Rift as Fnatic faced off against G2, with Fnatic coming out on top. The last action of the weekend saw a 5-game series between Excel and Vitality. This week will set the stage for next weekend's fixtures as we look to crown an LEC Spring Split champion.


G2 v Vitality Game 1


First blood over to VIT, picking up a double-kill on the top side. VIT continued to push their lead, as they extended it to 1.5k. It's a blood-bath in the mid lane, VIT picked up an ace after G2 forced a play. While the lead stayed close, VIT gained huge map pressure. Just like that, G2 won a fight, pressured the map and tied up the gold lead. Another 5v5 fight in the mid-lane, it was another tense affair but it was G2 once again that came out on top. Picking up four kills they turned to the Baron as they flipped this game on its head. VIT desperately tried to counter G2 quickly after but it was G2 coming out on top again. Pushing through the top lane they secured a Game 1 victory.

Teams: G2 v Vitality
Time: 32:20
Kills: 15-10
Turrets: 9-3
Gold: 61k – 53k
Dragons:  3-1
Barons:  1-0


Game 2


First blood is secured by G2 as they looked to win back-to-back games. A crazy shift into the mid-game saw the game staying close, though G2 managed to maintain their slender lead. Crucially, G2 had managed to keep pressure on the Drake as they secured a third before 20-minutes. With a fourth Drake on the Rift, VIT looked to force a play to stop G2 from securing Soul Drake. VIT got the early advantage before G2 flipped it. VIT handed G2 the Soul as they pushed for a win. G2 moved to claim a Baron after VIT was unable to stop them. With Baron secured, G2 couldn't be stopped, as they moved into what could be the third and final game of the series.


Teams: Vitality v G2
Time: 28:31
Kills: 12-15
Turrets: 1-7
Gold: 46.2k – 51.1k
Dragons: 0-4
Barons:  0-1


Game 3


A first Drake? By 8-minutes we'd not had a kill yet, however, VIT had secured a Drake. It was VIT that secured first blood a minute later on the top side, before picking up a second in the bot lane.VIT maintained their lead, pushing to 5k by the 15-minutes mark. G2 stopped VIT from increasing their lead, however, they remained behind as VIT looked for Baron. VIT pushed for a Baron but they opted to flip a 50/50 which Jankos was able to steal. With G2 just one game from a series victory, VIT could have handed them a golden opportunity. The Baron steal was enough to keep G2 alive, however, VIT countered G2 after they thought they'd found an entry. However, with VIT chasing G2 they turned and somehow G2 won another fight.

They turned that fight into a Drake as G2 moved towards a second Baron. VIT couldn't steal it, as G2 forced a fight on the remaining members. It was a 1-for-1 trade but G2's Baron take kept them in the game as the gold was even. G2 opt to take away the Drake while VIT moved to take down an inhibitor as both teams play for time. What could be a third and final Baron was about to spawn as both sides look to secure vision.

VIT secure the Baron but G2 resist VIT advance on their base. However, once again a steal from G2 blows the game wide open as caPs stole away the Hextech Soul. While Perkz is inside the G2 base securing the inhibitor, G2 was able to take down the remaining five members as G2 secure Baron. It's over, as G2 secure a 3-0 victory with VIT going home in 5th place.


Teams: G2 v Vitality
Time: 46:12
Kills: 13-13
Turrets: 9-9
Gold: 78.3k – 86.3k
Dragons: 3-4
Barons:  1-3



LEC: G2 Esports v Vitality Split 2022 Playoffs Recap
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