Is the Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass worth it?

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Is the Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass worth it?

Everything you need to know about the latest Valorant battle pass.

Valorant just witnessed its first-ever lan event tournament for the year 2022 and with Optic Gaming winning the event, Riot Games has announced the details about the upcoming Valorant Episode 4 Act 3. The upcoming Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 will be introducing a new agent with an initiator role and will be called Fade. With every new Act, the update comes a rank reset and a new battle pass. The battle pass costs $10 and provides value for each buck you spend as it includes tons of new weapons skins, cards, gun buddies, and more. Episode 4 Act 3 will be no different.

If you are interested to know if the new upcoming battle pass is worth buying or not don't worry we got you covered. Here are the complete details about the new Episode 4 Act 3 battle pass.

Episode 4 Act 3 battle pass

The main highlight for the upcoming battle pass skin line will be the .SYS bundle. The .SYS bundle was one of the favorite bundles during the initial days of Valorant and developers have finally relaunched it via the battle pass. The .SYS bundle includes a Sherrif, Stinger, Bucky, Vandal, and a Melee. The melee is Axe which looks similar to the Prime Axe based in the.SYS theme.

Melee_.SYS_SideViewNew Battle Pass .SYS Melee

Not only this the battle includes two more skin lines, Coalition Cobra and the Hue Shift. Coalition Cobra is a simple-looking yet cool weapon skin with a print of a Cobra. Whereas Hue Shift is a pearlescent skin line that changes shades upon looking from different angles into pink or blue.

Spectre_Hue_Shift_SideViewBattle Pass Hue Shift Spectre

As mentioned the battle pass also includes player cards, and the new player cards look pretty neat. But the most interesting card which stands out is the Yellows on Rail player card, which as per the rumors and leaks is the teaser for the upcoming map in Valorant. This map might be located somewhere underwater. Apart from that, there are a total of 13 player cards that will be available through the battle pass.

The battle pass won't be worth it unless it has sprays that come with trending memes around the world or with Valorant memes, Riot never disappoints their player base with these amazing spray collections. The new spray collection is a banger as well with Pretty Pretty Please Spray, Heaven or Hell, and more.

Well, the battle pass includes both paid and free rewards, and here is a brief list of the rewards:

Free Rewards Highlights:

  • Ragna-Rock Out Buddy
  • Look Behind You Spray
  • UltraBright Torch Buddy
  • Yellows on Rails Player Card
  • Coalition: Cobra Frenzy

  • .SYS Vandal
  • .SYS Axe (melee)
  • Hue Shift Phantom
  • Hue Shift Shorty
  • Backseat Coaching Spray
  • Terrible Day for Rain Spray
  • Unstoppable // Phoenix Player Card
  • Deep Divisions Buddy

Is the Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass worth it?

The Episode 4 Act 3 battle pass is an amazing deal that you can grab your hands on. The weapon skins are offered for almost every gun in the inventory including Vandal and Phantom. If you are someone who doesn't like to spend much on the game but won't mind repping a fancy skin and a deadly-looking melee. After going through all the rewards from the Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass, definitely is worth it.

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