Is Dota 2 Dying? No, Despite What Some People Think

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Is Dota 2 Dying? No, Despite What Some People Think

Is Dota 2 dying is a question that people have been asking for years, but we think the answer is no.

Although a lot of people may disagree, we believe that Dota 2 continues to be the biggest eSports in the world. With that said, the number of players interested in the game is a bit lower than it was a few years ago. This, combined with the fact that tournaments like The International 2023 did not have nearly as big of a prize as before are just some of the reasons why people think Dota 2 is dying. However, we think this is not the case

Dota 2 is not dying

If you take a look at places like Reddit, Quora, or any other big site where people share their opinions, you will see that a lot of people think Dota 2 is dead or it is in the process of dying. Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski did the same, and he found a Reddit post of a user who predicted that Dota 2 would die by the end of 2023. Well, we are already in 2024, and we can see that the game is here to stay. In fact, we believe that the best is to come, which is why we even created a guide, allowing you to find the best Dota 2 heroes in every skill bracket.

Dota 2’s future

Is Dota 2 Dying? No, Despite What Some People Think

There is no arguing that 2023 was a rough year for Dota 2. The lack of a proper compendium and the fact that TI was not as big as people expected definitely had an effect on the game’s popularity. However, if we take a look at sites like Steamcharts, we can see that Dota 2 continues to be among the most played games on Steam.

In fact, the stats show that this is the second-most popular title on Steam, with around 800k players in December. The only time that has more players is Counter-Strike 2, but the latter has been more popular for some time now.

Having more than 800k players in a single month is an answer to the question of is Dota 2 dying. The answer is no, and we do not expect it to die anytime soon. In fact, if we analyze those stats even more, we can see that Dota 2’s all-time record is 1.3M active players and it was in March 2016. Considering the recent decision regarding the DPC and the many tournaments we expect to see, we wouldn’t be surprised if the game achieves an even better result in 2024.

Is Dota 2 Dying? No, Despite What Some People Think
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