Is Ame Making a Comeback to Professional Dota 2?

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Is Ame Making a Comeback to Professional Dota 2?

Ame could be making a comeback to Dota 2 after winning Asian Games 2023.

China won the Dota 2 Asian Games 2023 a few days ago after an epic Grand Final against Mongolia. This did not come a surprise because China had the best roster out of all teams. Aside from Azure Ray’s currently-active player, another name appeared on the big stage – Wang “Ame” Chunyu.

Ame is one of the best Chinese Dota 2 players in the world and among the best carries tha game has ever seen. However, he hasn’t been active since December last year when he decided to step down from LGD Gaming. Although we are not sure if the legend will make a comeback, a leaked chat following China’s victory at the Dota 2 Asian Games 2023 suggests that we are closer than we think.

Is Ame making a Comeback?

Everyone wants to see Ame back in action, so it’s no surprise that there are rumors about his return. What’s interesting is that fans have asked Ame many times whether he plans on coming back, but he always said no. Having said that, a leaked chat from a Chinese Dota 2 website shows a screenshot between LGD’s owner and a person he’s talking to, which people believe is Ame.

Considering he decided to help his country at the event and the fact that he had a key role for his team, it’s no surprise that people believe it’s Ame behind the conversation with LGD’s owner. If the played decides to return to the professional scene, he will most likely join his former club and try to help it achieve better results. As you probably know, LGD Gaming hasn’t been doing that well recently and is not able to deal with the best Western European teams.

What’s going to happen?

Whether Ame will join PSG.LGD or any other Dota 2 team is a question that we can’t answer yet. The screenshot provided by the Chinese fans is pure speculation because no one knows if this is Ame or someone else. However, there is no arguing that Ame has a lot to offer and he has proven it at the event.

The Chinese superstar had the chance to reunite with Somnus and Chalice, who were his teammates around 1 year ago. As you can probably guess, most Dota 2 fans were more than happy to see the three in action and even happier that they won the event.

We will definitely keep an eye on this case and let you know if Ame decides to make a comeback. As you’ve seen in our The International 12 power ranking, LGD Gaming is not in good form right now. However, adding Ame to the roster will definitely make the team more competitive.

Is Ame Making a Comeback to Professional Dota 2?
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