The International 12 Power Ranking – Each Team’s Chances of Winning

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The International 12 Power Ranking – Each Team’s Chances of Winning

This is The International 12 power ranking, and we will take a look at each team’s chances of winning.

After the release of The International 12 compendium, we are a couple of days away from the beginning of Dota 2’s most popular event. The best 20 Dota 2 teams in the world will compete for the TI 12 prize pool, which is slowly approaching the $3M mark. Needless to say, we will provide you with all the information you need about the specific event, so make sure to follow us.

Considering the importance of TI12, the best Dota 2 teams will do everything in their power to win the tournament. Naturally, this will attract many fans who want to see their team perform better than the rest. While talking about performance, this The International 12 power ranking article will go over the reach team and discuss its potential chances of winning. To make things easier, we will divide the teams into different tiers and each team will get a 1-10 rating, indicating how likely it is to win the event.

S-Tier Teams

Although we do not know The International 12 schedule yet, we are aware of all the teams that will take part in the competition. It’s no surprise that some of them are more impressive than others, and the S-Tier category contains those that stand out.

Team Spirit – 9/10

Even though some people may think GG is in a better position to win TI12 than Team Spirit, we disagree. TI 10 champions have won the last 2 big tournaments – Riyadh Masters 2023 and DreamLeague Season 21. Although The International 12 prize pool won’t be as big as the one when TS won, the squad will be eager to show what it’s capable of and lift the Aegis for the second time.

Gaimin Gladiators – 8.5/10

It’s no surprise that Gaimin Gladiators is the first team in The International 12 power ranking, and it found a place in the S-Tier. The team won almost every Dota 2 tournament and will be the Western European squad to watch. Even though it wasn’t able to win the last 2 big events, GG has proven itself, so people will expect impressive results.

A-Tier Teams

The International 12 power rankings will continue with the next group – the A-Tier. The squad you are about to see here also had no problems securing their TI 12 tickets. However, due to their more inconsistent results, we think they are less likely to win the tournament.

Shopify Rebellion – 7.5/10

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If we had done this TI12 power rankings a couple of months ago, Shopify Rebellion wouldn’t be in the A-Tier. However, the team’s most recent results have been pretty good. In fact, Arteezy and the rest of his crew got to the final of DreamLeague Season 21. Moreover, the squad’s been playing really well recently, so it deserves to be here.

Team Liquid – 7/10

Team Liquid was one of the most dominant Dota 2 teams in 2023, at least for the first couple of months. Although the players secured their The International 12 tickets a long time ago, the last couple of events haven’t been that good for them. Nevertheless, Liquid is one of the teams that has the experience and skills to defeat everyone, so it should be in the A-Tier.

Tundra Esports – 7/10


The current TI champion is also in the A-tier in this TI12 power ranking because it achieved fairly good yearly results. However, the squad is yet to win a big tournament and it will be really hard for it to defend its title. Of course, we have seen that Nine and the rest have what it takes, so it will be intriguing to see the final results.

9Pandas – 6.5/10

We’ve wondered whether to add 9Pandas here, but considering TI12 location and the squad’s overall results, it deserves to be here. 9Pandas has had some good events, but some of the team’s members do not have that much experience, so the squad will have to step up its game.


Considering we know The International 12 date, the teams in the B-Tear have a little over a week to prepare for the competition. Although it is possible to see a winner from this pool, it will be really hard for the clubs to lift the Aegis.

BetBoom Team – 6.3/10

Despite having an amazing roster on paper, BetBoom Team seems to have some problems that it needs to resolve. We’ve seen the team dominate against the best in Dota 2, but it also failed to defeat many teams it should have won against. Due to its inconsistent results, we believe it needs to be on this list.

Evil Geniuses – 6/10

We will probably have to wait for a while until a team from South America wins The International. However, if there is one squad from this part of the world that has what it takes, it has to be Evil Geniuses. We would not be surprised if the players get a top 6 finish.

Talon Esports – 6/10

Talon’s a very interesting team and definitely one of The International 12 Dota 2 flags to keep an eye on. Known as the best in Southeast Asia, Talon has some chances of winning because we’ve seen the club can work well under pressure. However, it will be very difficult for the players to cope with the stress of playing on the big stage.

Azure Ray – 6/10

Even though this team is from The International 12 qualifiers, it has some chances of lifting the Aegis because of its roster. Azure Ray consists of some of China’s legendary players, some of whom have more than one TI final. Consequently, this Chinese powerhouse deserves more attention. 

LGD Gaming – 5.5/10

Normally, the Chinese Dota 2 team is always one of the big favorites to win this competition. In fact, it came close several times, even in seasons when it did not perform that well. However, it will be tough for the team to impress us at TI12 because it’s just not on the same level as its European opponents. 

Quest Esports – 5.5/10

The next team in the A-tier of this TI12 power ranking article is Quest Esports. It also earned its spot at the event following the qualifier, but we’ve seen it can defeat a lot of the favorites at TI12. As a result, we expect interesting results.

Entity – 5/10

Entity is another team that will try its best to win The International 12 prize pool. Normally, the squad has excellent results, but we’ve placed in the B-Tier in TI12 power rankings because it didn’t achieve any good results throughout most of 2023.


Some of the Dota 2 teams in the C-Tier are from TI 12 qualifiers, so it’s no surprise we do not think they are among the favorites. However, there are also a few squads that secured enough DPC points.

Beastcoast – 4.5/10

Although the battle between BC and EG for the best team in South America is fierce, we believe BC is in a slightly worse position than its opponents. The chances for the team to win TI12 are slim, but we are yet to see what’s going to happen.

TSM – 4/10

TSM may be one of the best teams in North America, but it needs to step up its game in the international stage. Despite the fact that TI 12 location is in Seattle, we do not see how TSM can win this event.

Virtus.Pro – 4/10

One of CIS’s most legendary organizations is still trying to make a name for itself with the new roster. The players led by FNG secured a slot for The International 12, but it will be hard for the inexperienced team to show its prowess.

Nouns – 3.5/10

The last team in The International 12 power ranking C-Tier is nouns, which is probably not a surprise. North America’s third team found its way here, but the players haven’t impressed us with their results on the international scene.


Unsurprisingly, the Dota 2 teams in the D-Tier are not among TI 12 favorites. In fact, we expect them to be some of the first squads that will be eliminated. 

Team SMG – 3/10

Despite having a jaw-dropping roster, Team SMG hasn’t appeared in a single international tournament recently. Therefore, we do not expect much from the team.

Thunder Awaken – 2/10

TA is just a mere shadow of what it once was, and its results prove it. It will be really hard for them to do something big at The International 12.

Keyd Stars – 1/10

The squad from Brazil will need to do a miracle to win TI12 or even secure a top-10 finish. Who knows, 4nalog and co. might step up their game.

The International 12 Power Ranking – Each Team’s Chances of Winning
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