Interview; Boom ID – A chat with Khezcute

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Interview; Boom ID – A chat with Khezcute

Boom ID have proven true to their catchphrase “hungry beast” already this year. They've secured a spot at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor, held in Ukraine next month. This weekend they placed second at the Asia Pacific Predator League Finals.

We had a chance to chat with team captain, Alfi ‘Khezcute’ Nelphyana, between competitions, and ask him a few questions about how they were feeling after their recent victories, their plans for the rest of the 2019-2019 Pro Circuit and got to know Indonesia’s pro Dota 2 team a little better.

Hungry and confident


We spoke to Khezcute and the team between their win at the DreamLeague qualifiers, and their upcoming matches in the Acer Predator Finals.

“We feel very happy and thankful to qualify to another minor,” Khezcute said, “and be able to represent Indonesia on the global stage.”

“However we are not relaxing yet…”

The team were confident heading into the competition in Bangkok, but still “practicing extra hard to do very well in the minors and hopefully the majors.” He said.

According to Khezcute the team had been “practicing and playing against seasoned teams and players for a good year now in the SEA region.” As well as managing to play in some international lans, “to get that experience.”

Feelings on the New patch


We spoke to Boom just before 7.21b went live, but at the time the team were already living up to their reputation as hungry beats. Khezcute explained some of their current focus to help them take advantage of the changes, “the meta has changed back to a trilane meta, so we need stronger support to match the enemy's triplane.”

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Overall, according to Khezcute, the new patch had “…been very kind” to the team so far.

We asked him how the team felt and if any of their favourite heroes had been affected? Khezcute was cautiously optimistic,” Just like with any patch, heroes will get nerf and buffed.” He said.

“Our particular favorite heroes didn't get nerfs…” before pointing out that team members Dreamocel (Randy Sapoetra), and Jhocam (Tri Kuncoro) both had seen some benefits while playing picks like Lifestealer and Earth Spirit.


Team Dynamics


Watching Boom ID in their recent games, it was obvious the team had come along way since forming and entering the pro scene back in 2017. Although their current roster was only completed when newest edition Mikoto (Rafli Fathur Rahman) joined in November last year.

Boom ID Player Mikoto, seated in front of a PC monitor
Mikoto at the Bucharest Minor

We asked Khezcute if he could shed a little light on the team’s history, and the way they work as a team.

In general, the whole team “played after TI2, but started playing competitively in 2015-2016…” He told us.

“Some of us have been together for almost 2 years so we kind of know each other quite well.”

Khezcute and Jhocam had been teammates before Boom ID, and it was Khezcute who recommended bringing Jhocam on board as part of the post TI7 shuffle.

Mikoto and Fbz (Saieful Ilham) had also played together previously on Pandora.

Living together in one gaming house, the team spend time with each other doing what you’d generally expect a group of friends in Indonesia to do. “…we go to malls, eat, play other games, watch netflix together, sometimes play futsal with the rest of Boom ID members too.” (For the curious, futsal is an indoor version of soccer played on a court.)

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Looking to the competition

We asked Khezcute how the team were feeling about their place in the region overall. Especially in comparison with other teams since the qualifiers and the new patch dropping? “Mildly surprised” He replied, feeling that “other SEA teams struggled with this patch.”

We also asked Khezcute to share a little of his thoughts about fellow SEA pros, Lotac.

“Lotac is a very good team, but I think they're still finding their heroes in this patch.”

And how do they feel about the rest of the 2018-2019 season, and the upcoming Minor in Ukraine?

“Especially after our recent Bucharest Minor experience we feel like we have improved as a team.” Khezcute said.

What sort of improvements? “…maybe coming in with more confidence as we felt that our newest addition Mikoto has gel-ed better with the team.” He said.

Judging by the team’s recent performances, it certainly looks that way. But after their last games against TNC.Predator, perhaps the rest of the teams in SEA are now finding their feet?

Hungry to see more of what Indonesia’s Dota 2 beasts, Boom ID are going to bring us over the rest of this season? Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more Dota 2 news and check out our YouTube for esports highlights.

Images via Liquidpedia, YouTube video via NoobFromUA

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