How to Use A Lotus Pool in 7.33C Patch

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How to Use A Lotus Pool in 7.33C Patch

Discover new ways to use the Lotuses from the Lotus Pools in the 7.33c patch for Dota 2. 

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People can explore the New Frontiers map in the 7.33c patch to find better ways of winning team fights. There are several new objectives that can be accessed by esports players to fight their enemies with ease in the updated map. You can activate new Outposts to reveal more of the map and collect Lotuses from the Lotus pools to regain your health and mana. 

There are 2 Lotus pools that are located in the safe lanes. People can travel between the safe lanes using the Twin Gates to gather Lotuses over the course of their matches. These Lotuses can be combined into a bigger item that can restore over 400 health and mana to heroes at any time. You can collect Lotuses in your games to turn the tide of battle for your team. 

Take a look at the most strategic ways to use Lotuses in the latest update. 

Farm more gold in the safe lane

Dazzle uses Poison Touch on enemies

The safe lane is a great place to start for many support heroes. You can head to the safe lane to have an easier chance of getting more assists in battles. The 7.33c patch has made a number of changes to support heroes that make them fun to play in the safe lane. 

You can pick Dazzle to nuke enemies with Poison Touch in the new update. Dazzle can deal 52 damage per second (DPS) for 8 seconds using Poison Touch. Enemy units hit by Poison Touch have their movement speed slowed by 22% and can strike up to 8 units at once. The 7.33c patch has increased the DPS dealt by Poison Touch from 45 to 60 and it can be unlocked at level 20 through the Talent Tree. 

Spells like Shadow Wave can be used to heal over 100 health per cast to his allies. Dazzle can cast Shadow Wave to farm more gold in the safe lane by restoring health to creeps. Shadow Wave has a cooldown of 9 seconds and needs 90 mana per cast. You can walk along the safe lane to find Lotus Pools that can have anywhere from 1 Lotus to 6 Lotuses at a time. A Healing Lotus can replenish up to 125 health and mana to Dazzle at the start of a game. These Lotuses will let Dazzle use his abilities like Shadow Wave multiple times without emptying his mana pool. 

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The attack speed granted to Dazzle at level 10 is increased from 30 to 35 in the 7.33c patch. You can survive battles in the safe lane by casting Shallow Grave on yourself after being attacked by enemy heroes. Shallow Grave prevents Dazzle and his allies from getting killed for 5 seconds. Dazzle can use a Healing Lotus to remain alive in the safe lane for a longer duration while pushing lanes. 

You can purchase a Magic Wand for support heroes like Dazzle to be able to gain charges for the item in the safe lane. It can take up to 3 minutes to spawn a new Lotus in the Lotus Pool. People can buy a Magic Wand to restore health and mana to heroes while the Lotus Pool is out of Healing Lotuses. 

Cast a ton of spells against enemy heroes

Death Prophet casts Crypt Swarms to nuke her enemies

Casting spells can be exciting for players in Dota 2. The sheer amount of spells that can be used to attack enemy heroes makes it harder to fight in lanes without being drained of health. Death Prophet is an Intelligence hero that you can choose to play for getting more kills in the 7.33c patch. She can cast Crypt Swarm to deal over 300 damage to multiple enemy units. The damage dealt by Crypt Swam has increased from 310 to 325 in the latest version of Dota 2. Crypt Swarm has a cast range of 810 and has a low cooldown of 6 seconds. 

She can collect Lotuses from the Lotus Pool to receive a Great Healing Lotus. Death Prophet can use the Great Healing Lotus from her inventory to immediately restore 400 health and mana to herself in battles. You can cast Silence on enemy heroes after spotting them near a Lotus Pool to avoid getting stunned while playing Death Prophet. The radius of Silence has been increased from 425 to 450 in the 7.33c patch. 

Death Prophet can become a carry hero to lead attacks against enemy heroes. Her ulti, Exorcism, helps Death Prophet summon up to 24 spirits that deal more than 60 damage per hit. She can use items like a Greater Healing Lotus to counter carry heroes in the enemy team. A Greater Healing Lotus will also let Death Prophet destroy enemy towers without taking a significant amount of damage from the structures. The duration of Exorcism has increased from 35 seconds to 40 seconds in the new update. Her ulti can wipe out enemies in seconds with Lotuses in her inventory. 

Plan a team fight with your allies

Invoker uses a E.M.P. after consuming a Healing Lotus

Heroes like Earthshaker can make team fights fun to plan with your friends. Earthshaker has a base mana pool of 291. His abilities have been improved in the 7.33c patch to make the Strength hero more effective. 

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The cast range of Fissure has been increased from 1400 to 1600. Earthshaker can create a ridge of stones using Fissure to block the path of his enemies. He can cast Fissure to prevent enemy heroes from collecting Lotuses from the Lotus pool. Enemy units hit by Fissure are stunned for up to 1.4 seconds and take
up to 260 damage. 

You can level up Aftershock for Earthshaker to increase the duration of the stun from his spells. Aftershock can be maxed out to deal an additional 160 damage from his abilities and items per cast. The duration of the stun from Aftershock has been extended from 1.2 seconds to 1.3 seconds in the 7.33c patch. 

Earthshaker can use Healing Lotuses to cast more spells in lanes. Fissure needs 120 mana to be used at level 1. A Healing Lotus can replenish up to 125 mana per use, granting a ton of mana to Earthshaker to cast Fissure early in his matches. You can combine Healing Lotuses into a Greater Healing Lotus to restore 400 mana to Earthshaker. The increased mana replenished from Lotuses can prove to be useful in team fights. 

The Strength hero can activate his ulti, Echo Slam, to counter enemy heroes with illusions. The radius of Echo Slam has been increased from 600 to 700 in the latest update. Echo damage of his ulti has been increased from 110 to 125 in the 7.33c patch, dealing more damage to illusions per cast. Heroes like Phantom Lancer and Terrorblade can be countered with Earthshaker in team fights. Items like a Diffusal Blade and Disperser can deplete the mana of support heroes like Earthshaker to prevent him from casting his spells in battles. Lotuses can instantly restore over 400 mana to support heroes, letting them fight carry heroes with ease. 

Heroes like Invoker can use Lotuses to win team fights in Dota 2. Invoker can cast spells like E.M.P. to burn the mana of his enemies in a radius of 675. Each instance of E.M.P. can take up to 125 mana per cast and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. You can use a Healing Lotus in battles to cast E.M.P. before the enemy team can cast their spells. 

Collecting Great Healing Lotuses throughout the match will let Invoker increase the number of spells he casts during team fights. He can cast Chaos Meteor to deal damage to multiple enemies in his lane. Chaos Meteor needs 200 mana to be used. Spells like Deafening Blast can disarm enemy heroes for a few seconds, preventing enemy heroes from attacking your allies. Deafening Blast requires 300 mana per cast. You can use a Great Healing Lotus to replenish 400 mana and health to Invoker to help him decimate heroes from the enemy team. 

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