How to Upgrade Weapons in Dave the Diver – Best Upgrades

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How to Upgrade Weapons in Dave the Diver – Best Upgrades

This guide covers how to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver. The ways to access permanent power improvements and Dave the Diver weapon upgrades.

Dave the Diver might not have the most combat, but when it comes up you want to know you’ve got the guns to take down your enemies. Most of those enemies might be fish. The sea is home to some pretty scary monsters though, that’s an area where Dave the Diver has had a lot of fun. Some of the creatures down there definitely mean you’ll need to know how to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver. The standard loadout is fine, but taking them up a few steps can really pay off.

Dave the Diver isn’t all chilling and making Sushi. There’s a lot of stress in sourcing ingredients, and dealing with your Dave the Diver staff. There are even a few boss fights in-game. For these encounters, it’s going to pay to have the better weapons available. Once you’ve unlocked upgrading, you can start making permanent Dave the Diver weapon upgrades. These can definitely pay off once you reach the more hectic later part of the game! The upgrades don’t just increase damage. You can level up your net gun to catch more fish, add elemental power to the tip of your harpoon, it can get pretty extensive.

We’ll run you through how to unlock Dave the Diver weapon upgrades. Along with what you need to do to make the upgrades themselves, and how many Dave the Diver weapon upgrades there are in the game overall.

How to Unlock Dave the Diver Weapon Upgrades

how to upgrade weapons in Dave the diver

How to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver is another area in the game where you’ll need to play for a while before you get access to it. Before you can upgrade anything, you need to actually unlock the upgrade system as a whole first. There are some prerequisites which you need to do before you reach this point in the game. While it’s on the calmer side, Dave the Diver does have a decent progression system. You’ll need to hit certain milestones to unlock content like pouring beer in Dave the Diver and more.

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To start the Dave the Diver weapon upgrades, you need to get to around the six-hour mark in the game. The weapons you get to start with come from weapon crates, which you can find while out diving. You’ll receive weapons based on RNG here. Opening up enough crates containing the same weapon will start to allow you to craft it though. If you want to take control over the weapons you get though, and wrestle it away from the RNG gods, you need to start upgrading them.

This unlocks once you pass a certain quest from Duff. It’s actually the same quest that starts off the giant squid Dave the Diver boss fight. Once that’s finished, you’ll unlock a few more areas of the game. One of these is the Dave the Diver weapon upgrade system. You’re now going to be able to upgrade weapons by heading over to the weapon shop. Your guns can be strengthened and some can even have elemental powers added on to them.

Along with getting to this point, you’ll need to unlock the weapon app before you learn how to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver. This is done through the Weaponsmith Duff side quest. This is an easy quest really, just collect a piece of rope and a piece or scrap iron. This makes it pretty easy to get started and these two milestones mean you can upgrade both weapons and more general tools like your harpoon and netgun.

What Do You Need to Upgrade Weapons in Dave the Diver?

how to upgrade weapons in Dave the diver

Even once you’ve gotten the upgrade system unlocked, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to instantly upgrade everything in the game. Instead, you need to unlock specific materials which get you part way to the upgrade. These are the upgrade requirements and they usually cost quite a bit. You might have to budget these materials and your resources. You can’t upgrade everything all at on. Just like deciding which are the best Dave the Diver recipes to cook, you’ve got to prioritize.

One of the first upgrades to make should be the net gun. This is a really useful upgrade that lets you start catching fish at a much better pace. That has obvious benefits for getting more money to start upgrading other areas of your gameplay. Beyond that, the Harpoon is also a simple upgrade. This only happens through your phone and for a set amount of gold! That makes it a bit easier to fit in since there’s less grinding required.

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How to Upgrade Weapons in Dave the Diver

how to upgrade weapons in Dave the diver

Once you’ve got the Dave the Diver weapon upgrades sorted out and unlocked, you can start to actually power up your weapons. How exactly do you do this though? It’s really simple. You’ll need to head to the weapon shop and then simply navigate through the menu to start the upgrades. It’s the requirements for each weapon or tool that is going to be more of a pain though.

Once you’re in the weapon area, you can craft or upgrade items. The materials to do this all come from the other various areas of the game. Rather than being able to instantly upgrade stuff, you might have to head out and grind. You can upgrade other areas of the game too though. It isn’t just your harpoon that has a powered-up form. These are each of the upgradeable items once you know how to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver.

  • Underwater Rifle
  • Triple Axel
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Sticky Bomb Gun
  • Tranquilizer Gun

These all have simple upgrades, but a couple of the tools can be upgraded more than once! These are the weapons with different levels for upgrades.

Net Gun

  • Small Net Gun
  • Medium Net Gun
  • Large Net Gun
  • Steel Net Gun


  • Old Harpoon Gun
  • Steel Harpoon Gun
  • Pump Harpoon Gun
  • Shark Harpoon Gun
  • Dragonbite Harpoon Gun
  • Super Alloy Harpoon Gun

That’s how to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver. Upgrading weapons is a key way to get a bit more out of your dives. While farming resources to upgrade weaponry might be a bit more tedious, the payoff can be worth it. Put some time into getting a better gear and you’ll start catching more and better fish. This can lead to a second branch of Dave the Diver restaurant along with an easier time completing higher-value recipes! It’ll all open the game up considerably.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Dave the Diver – Best Upgrades
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