Dave the Diver Branch Guide – Get 2nd Restaurant Perfect

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Dave the Diver Branch Guide – Get 2nd Restaurant Perfect

A second Dave the Diver branch is a key way to get more cash coming in without having to double your work. How do you get that second restaurant running super smoothly though? This is what you need to know.

Dave the Diver’s gameplay is geared around a simple cycle, go get fish and ingredients, then make them into sushi and other dishes, sell the food, and get money! That money can then go into getting more or better ingredients and other benefits. There’s a natural ending to this cycle though, so how do you keep going? Once you’ve made enough progress a second Dave the Diver branch is going to be available to you!

Once you’ve hit that higher end of the gameplay loop, a second branch in Dave the Diver can open up. This lets you level up the number of customers you can serve in a day with twice as many tables to work with. Unlike the main restaurant though, you’re going to be a lot more hands-off with the second Dave the Diver branch.

The second branch in Dave the Diver is a restaurant you’ll have to trust your staff with. How do you make sure they’re not ruining that all important reputation you’ve built up? This Dave the Diver branch guide covers what you need to know to get it running as smoothly as physically possible.

Dave the Diver Branch Guide

The second Dave the Diver branch is a great way to increase your income in-game. But you won’t get access until fairly late though. You’ve essentially got to max out your normal restaurant before you get it. Coming at this stage the difficulty is a little trickier than you might expect. You’ve got to use everything you’ve learned so far to get the second branch in Dave the Diver running well.

How to Unlock the Dave the Diver Branch

Dave the Diver Branch Guide

The second branch is an important milestone. If you’ve not been focusing on improving the restaurant or for some reason can’t even keep fish in supply, then it might take a while. For the most part though, you’re going to run into it without having to go through any specific tasks to attempt to unlock it.

The Branch is unlocked by going through the story. You don’t need to do any specific strategy to get the second branch in Dave the Diver. It’s just getting through the main story, then you’ll unlock a new branch or second restaurant for your Sushi business!

The story mission that immediately proceeds it is a pasta contest. A VIP customer will challenge you to a battle against another chef. This is a pasta version but gameplay is similar to the past challenges you’ve seen. Finish it and you unlock the second Dave the Diver branch.

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The second branch is just like the first, but no one is there! No one is running it. Unlike your main branch, it is basically just sitting there. It’s going to be on you to get things set up so it actually starts running smoothly. To get started you’ll need to head to the branch. You can do this by going through the menu, the same as heading to the fish farm or any other main location.

Employees at the Dave the Diver Branch

Dave the Diver Branch Guide

You don‘t work at the second branch, so you need to find some employees to get it actually up and running. To move employees over there, go to the Branch. Next, open up the staff menu like you would at the normal restaurant. On this screen, you’re going to see which employees are available. Take some out of the waiting room and assign them to the second branch in Dave the Diver.

The Branch manager is the most important choice here. Since you’re going to be splitting your time, you need to have someone you can trust with running the branch. That’s the most important metric to think about when you pick the manager, their level.

This second Dave the Diver branch can only use ingredients as high as their manager’s rank, which can be frustrating. Make sure you’re paying attention to this as the scaling can get a bit weird sometimes. You might be locked out of some of the best Dave the Diver dishes if you don’t train them up to Level 20.

Once you’re on the employees screen, you can see who is eligible to head over there. When you first start at the branch, it can be a struggle. As you continue to progress though, you’ll get more employees who are eligible. The branch manager is your biggest decision, but you’ll need to think over each choice.

Choosing the Right Employees

Dave the Diver Branch Guide

Picking other employees is a bit simpler than the manager. Go for the most efficient employees who can run the branch without you there. The chef is still a bit ricker though since Bancho isn’t a part of your team at the new branch. This can make it even more important to choose the right people to run the second branch in Dave the Diver, the chef is on their own.

In terms of employee choice, it isn’t the most complicated. Go for the people who can do it by themselves. Obviously, you want some staff at your main restaurant too, but using the best Dave the Diver staff here will eventually mean you don’t have to check in too much.

Operation Policy at Dave the Diver Branch

Dave the Diver Branch Guide

On the top left of the staff tab, you can see the branch manager, but also operation policy. This is how you can plan out which of the dishes you’ll sell each night. There are four categories you can pick from. Essentially, it's prioritized by price, taste, level, or dish. The menu will be created based on which of these you can pick. You can’t pick out individual recipes, unfortunately. These four policies do let you guide the second branch in Dave the Diver quite a bit, depending on what you want the focus to be. You can see what is being served based on which category you pick for the Dave the Diver branch.

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Sorting by price is often the most efficient pick for the second branch at least if you’re faming to max out your Dave the Diver money, but most of the different options have a few benefits.

Getting Ingredients to the Second Branch in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Branch Guide

If you don’t send ingredients over, you won’t have any to use. You’ll need to move them over either from the normal Bancho Sushi restaurant or farm. You can only use the ingredients you have, so you basically have two different sets of ingredients to provide from now on. When moving ingredients, you can see if the branch manager has a high enough level to actually use it. Pay attention to this so you don’t have to worry about sending over things they can’t use.

With your ingredients sent over and the menu chosen, what do you do now?

Checking up

With the Dave the Diver branch actually running, how can you ensure it’s going to run well? You can press the 6 key to look at the CCTV footage and see what’s going on at the second branch in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver Branch Guide

There is also a small menu in the bottom right that lets you see the overall performance and stats of your second branch. Remember to keep an eye on it. Too many walkouts and you’re going to run into problems.

The second branch in Dave the Diver for the most part doesn’t seem to have waste, drinks, or wasabi problems. Which is lovely. Cocktails can be a problem but you can staff around this, just make sure you’ve got an employee who knows how to do it or you’ll get a lot of angry customers ordering things which can’t be served. As long as your staff covers each of the basic services, this branch should essentially look after itself.

Getting the Dave the Diver branch running smoothly will take some trial and error though. Keep an eye on CCTV and angry customers. When it gets too high, you can spot where your problem is. Typically, it’s something simple like not having a staff member who covers a specific area or dirty pots pilling up. Staffing is all you can do to fix the problems here though. lt might come down to grinding the levels for staff until they can cover more areas on their own.

That’s how the Dave the Diver branch works. Adding a second restaurant is a great way to expand your sushi empire! It’s going to mean some trial and error at first. You might need to mix and match staff to find the right balance. Once you do though, you’ve got a lot more money coming in each week.

Dave the Diver Branch Guide – Get 2nd Restaurant Perfect
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