The Best Dave the Diver Staff – Top 8 Staff

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The Best Dave the Diver Staff – Top 8 Staff

Grabbing the best Dave the Diver staff can give you more time to be out there fishing and less worrying about the restaurant, these are the top staff to hire in the game.

Most of your time in Dave the Diver is going to be spent out there on the open seas, actually looking for fish! While Dave is out searching for fish to create the best recipes in Dave the Diver, you’ll need someone to actually take care of the restaurant as a whole. That’s where the staff in Diver Dave come in. Get the best Dave the Diver staff and you won’t have to worry too much about staffing the restaurant. These have some clear advantages which can speed things up for you.

 One key detail about staff is, the more high-quality staff you have, the less work you have to do. This will free you up to do other more fun stuff that you enjoy the most. Focusing on advertising can be a key way to improve the staff you get, thus letting you move on to other tasks sooner. Across each of the tiers though, there’s some Dave the Diver staff who are standouts. Dave the Diver’s best staff who give you a lot more for your time and money. If you want to make sure you’re prioritizing the very best staff, these are the names to watch out for and how staff generally work

How to Recruit Dave the Diver Staff

Before you can hire the very best Dave the Diver staff, you’ll need to be able to recruit staff in the first place. To do this, you need to hit the Not Enough Workers quest in the game, in Chapter 1. It’s a relatively simple quest to fetch a shark’s head then catch a whitetip reef shark, and finally do some steps with cooking and researching the ingredients. Once that’s all done, you can start recruiting workers.

Best Dave the Diver Staff

How to Hire and Train Your Dave the Diver Staff

Once you’re able to hire staff, there’s a bit to understand about training them. Once you’ve hired them, you’ll need to assign them to a specific area. The best Dave the Diver staff are pretty specialist, so you’ll likely know where to put them. Training them up helps them to improve, at level 200 though they’ll unlock their full potential. It doesn’t take too long, so we’ve mainly assessed who the best staff are based on their final forms.

The Best Dave the Diver Staff


Best Dave the Diver Staff

There’s plenty of staff great in the kitchen,  but who is actually making sure your customers are receiving all of that deliciously cooked food? That’s where characters like Mitchell come in. He has a fantastic serving rating, at least for his spot in the game. It’s the second highest for serving and he’s only a bronze-level employee. Basically, this means you’re getting close to the very best possible serving employee without having to bother with high-level ads to attract them.

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Mitchell is great for serving customers and his appeal isn’t the weakest either. He’s obviously best used for serving though. As the second-best rating in the game, you’re going to want to pick him up quickly to lock down one area of your restaurant’s appeal.


Best Dave the Diver Staff

The next pick for the best Dave the Diver staff is Billy. His best benefit is definitely cleaning, as he’s a cleaning master. On top of that, there’s a decent level here for serving. It’s not quite on Mitchell’s level, but combining this with his skill at cleaning means he’s fulfilling more than one role here. On top of that, he’s great at making customers feel at home which makes him one of Dave the Diver’s best staff.

Billy brings in a lot of tips. He’s a character with a unique appearance which actually seems to bring more customers over to talk to him. Billy is a more mixed character who excels in a few different ways. He’s still one of the best staff in Dave the Diver, especially if you’re looking to bring in someone more well-rounded.


Best Dave the Diver Staff

Jandi is a great example of how staff can actually develop once they’re on board with Dave the Diver. He’s able to train up and unlock new abilities which can make him one of the best Dave the Diver staff. You’ll need to put the work into this one though, kind of like actually training up staff. Once you’ve got him up to Level 20, it all pays off though.

With Jandi levelled up he’ll take care of the wasabi nearly single-handedly which is one less thing to worry about. He’s also got the Tip Master skill. This is great for boosting your income quite a bit.


Best Dave the Diver Staff

Charlie is a silver tier employee which does mean you’ll need to be a little bit further in the game to actually recruit them. You need to spend more on your ads but can actually bring them in pretty easily. The main benefit of hiring Charlie is his cooing skill, which is crazy high, much more than most others on their level.

This cooking ability is going to come in very handy. With Charlie working for you, a good deal of customers are going to be satisfied. It takes a bit more to attract Charlie, but once you get them, you’re going to be able to take it a bit easier. He is lacking in a few other areas, but still one of the best Dave the Diver staff to hire thanks to his cooking.


Best Dave the Diver Staff

Tohoku is another of Dave the Diver’s best staff who have one stat which at level 20 is just amazing. Once levelling up all of the way, Tohoku has a 1294 for cooking. That’s a great rating, and his two skills are both used for cooking too. He can basically run the kitchen on his own if you put the time into training him. It might not cover everything, but having one employee who can take care of so much so well is a massive relief.

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Tohoku works best with employees who can pick up the slack in serving. He’s going to be cooking as much as possible. He can’t bring in big tips, but he’s one of the best chefs and definitely worth keeping around to cover all of the recipes the game has to offer.

El Nino – Best Dave the Diver Staff for Serving

Best Dave the Diver Staff

El Nino might be worth hiring just for his appearance. He’s a masked wrestler and one of the more fun designs among the best Dave the Diver staff. He is a little harder to grab though. El Nino is a part of the diamond tier, which can make him tricky to actually hire and get a hold off. Once your restaurant really starts getting busy later in the game though he is going to be pretty useful and easily makes a list of Dave the Diver’s best staff.

El Nino’s biggest appeal is his serving rating. It’s the highest in the game which automatically makes him one of the best staff. On top of that, he can get ingredients which cooks can use, serve better drinks, and has the cleaning master skill. It all makes him worth hiring despite the high point in the game that he pops up.

Yone – Best Dave the Diver Staff for Cooking

Best Dave the Diver Staff

Another of the best Dave the DIver staff for a main rating is Yone. She’s a staff member who is harder to get into the restaurant but is able to do a lot once you manage it. At level 20, she has close to the best score for cooking. On top of that, she has cooking++ along with ingredient-prepping expert. This all adds up to make Yone one of Dave the Diver’s best staff in the entire game if you’re hoping to completely strategize around certain builds like you’re playing Baldur’s Gate.

Yone doesn’t have too much to analyse here, her ratings make her one of the very best employees. Not someone you can get at the beginning, but they’re worth tracking down later to really free things up and take some of the stress off.

Maki – Highest Cooking Score

Best Dave the Diver Staff

Maki is another completely dedicated cooking staff. Their score actually even gets higher than Yones. Maki’s score is going to reach 2100 at Level 20. They aren’t as skilled outside of that as Yono though, but either can work to completely run the kitchen once you can attract them.

Those are some picks for the best Dave the Diver staff. It’ll take some time to be able to recruit them all, but each of these individually can give you a big boost in-game. Getting the best stuff lets you worry a bit less about the sushi and the restaurant so you can actually get out there and enjoy the game.

The Best Dave the Diver Staff – Top 8 Staff
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