Dave the Diver Giant Squid Guide – Beat 1st Tough Boss

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Dave the Diver Giant Squid Guide – Beat 1st Tough Boss

Want to know how to defeat the Dave the Diver Giant Squid? This is how you can take down the very first boss fight in the game.

Dave the Diver might be primarily about running a charming little sushi restaurant, but you can expect a few fights. Dave the Diver’s more chill gameplay has been a bit part of its success. Planning a sushi restaurant nearly puts it on the best indie strategy games or sim games. If you do want a little bit of action though, the game has a few bosses which introduce some real fights. One of the first is the Dave the Diver giant squid. So how do you defeat the Giant Squid in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver does have a few actual bosses, the underwater is home to much bigger adventures than just getting fish. If you’ve got the best Dave the Diver staff, you can relax about how Bancho’s is running. Now you’re free to go and deafest the giant squid in Dave the Diver.

This game isn’t the most combat focused. It’s not like taking down the FF 16 bosses. This can leave players a bit lost with the more confrontational side of the game! If you want some help with how to defeat the giant squid in Dave the Diver, this is how you can get it done.

How to Defeat the Giant Squid in Dace the Diver

Dave the Diver Giant Squid

The giant squid is the very first boss that you run into during the story mode! It’s a new enemy which you’ll need to beat to progress. Elements like the second Dave the Diver Bancho branch are locked behind progress, so you’ll need to take down the giant squid if you want to keep improving.

The Giant Squid will specifically first come up for you when you have a quest to help Duff. The Duff’s Pink Delivery Box mission is where you’ll see the new squid. His package has actually been taken by it, and you’ll need to beat the Dave the Diver giant squid to get it back.

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Before you jump into the fight itself, you’ll want to do a little prep! These are the items and preparations you’ll need to make before you can take him on.

Prepare to Defeat the Dave the Diver Giant Squid

Heading into the fight, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right weapons and ammo. The weapons aren’t too hard to get right here. You want something decent at ranged distances. The weak spot of the enemy makes this pretty important for the fight. You don’t necessarily need to upgrade the Dave the Diver weapons tons to get through the fight either.

You might want to pick up some extra ammo before taking it on too. As an early boss fight, how to defeat the giant squid is going to require more fire power than your day-to-day life in the game.

On top of weapons and ammo, you’ll need other supplies. Having extra oxygen is going to come in very handy. This can help you avoid an arbitrary time limit getting in the way of your quest to beat the Giant Squid in Dave the Diver. A scooter will also be helpful for getting around a bit more quickly in the fight.

Dave the Diver Giant Squid

How to Beat the Dave the Diver Giant Squid

Now that you’re all prepped, you can actually head into the fight itself. You can find the squid in an underwater cave. This is accessible near a yellow sunken ship. Right outside this boat is some extra loot containers you should make sure you pick up. With that sorted, you can head into the cave to get to the fight itself. There’s a short cutscene, then the fight starts up!

As with most boss fights, you’ll want to learn the various attack cycles of the Dave the Diver giant squid. Then you can avoid them and fit damage in between the attacks. He has a weak spot which you’ll need to hit, but at the right times. We’ll start with their attacks so you can learn what to avoid.

  • Tentacle Attack – This is an attack that happens when you get close to his eye weak spot. He attacks with his tentacles. You’ll need to move away fast, sand flying up should give you an early warning.
  • Pushback – When you strike the eye, the Dave the Diver giant squid will knock you back. As you swim closer, you need to dodge a tentacle attack again along with an ink spurt.
  • Slap – The last attack is a melee move. It can happen instead of the pushback. He knocks you with his tentacle much quicker. This can be a bit dangerous so try to swim backwards if it's coming.
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Learning the attack patterns helps with how to defeat the giant squid in Dave the Diver. You’ll also need to know when to attack the squid itself though.

Dealing Damage to the Giant Squid in Dave the Diver

Those are the attacks he’ll make. You’ll be avoiding these but how can you actually deal damage to the Dave the Diver Giant Squid? The eye on the squid’s head is the weak spot. You need to hit this roughly 6 times with weapons to take the giant squid in Dave the Diver down, although the exact amount depends on your weapon.

Dave the Diver Giant Squid

Essentially, the job is just to get close enough to hit him in the eye. The giant squid will then react with an attack against you. You can dodge it, then move in for another strike.

That’s roughly how to defeat the giant squid, it’s how the boss fight will go. It isn’t the most intense! The fight is a barrier to story progression though which locks you out of levelling things up and starting to get more Dave the Diver money, so it’ll need to be finished eventually! The combat is surprisingly fun to say it isn’t really the focus of the game though.

The Dave the Diver Giant Squid isn’t too difficult of an enemy. Once you can master his attacks and landing shots at that weak spot, you’re going to be able to defeat the Giant Squid in Dave the Diver pretty easily.

Dave the Diver Giant Squid Guide – Beat 1st Tough Boss
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