5 Best Indie Strategy Games You Should Play

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5 Best Indie Strategy Games You Should Play

The world of indie video games is expanding more and more with many games arriving on the market and managing to keep up with the big productions. After having recently told you about the 5 best indie FPS, now it's time to tell you about the best indie strategy games. Strategy games are already a niche category in themselves that lately hasn't been able to gain the fame of the past few years, but in this list, we have decided to offer you five of the best indies related to this category that you can find on the market.

5. Into the Breach

Into the Breach defies the complexity typically found in strategy games by focusing on essential elements and stripping away the rest. This approach highlights its fundamental aspects, resulting in a captivating experience. However, simplicity does not mean it's easy: Into the Breach is relentlessly challenging. Procedural generation and replayability drive the game, leading to numerous failures and retries with different scenarios. The objective is to protect the population from the tenacious bug invasion of the Vek, who breed underground and wreak havoc when they emerge. You'll frequently face excruciating decisions, choosing between saving civilian buildings or sacrificing beloved units. Each turn becomes an uphill battle to weaken the enemy forces while defending vital structures.

Into the Breach

4. Jupiter Hell

Prepare yourself for a nightmarish journey into the depths of hell in Jupiter Hell. Find yourself stranded on a forsaken station, surrounded by terrifying hordes of demonic creatures, bloodthirsty zombies, and peculiar individuals adorned with metal protrusions. You will be armed with a variety of weaponry capable of slicing through your adversaries or obliterating their heads, all within the context of exhilarating turn-based gameplay. The 3D universe is embellished with bright and intriguing graphics that bring the game to life. Experience violent combat engagements that have been precisely planned to provide a dramatic experience that will have you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be challenged, for this game is designed for individuals who want both enjoyment and difficulty in their turn-based 3D shooter adventures.

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Jupiter Hell

3. Mutant Year Zero – Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden takes players on an immersive journey through a post-apocalyptic world brimming with danger and despair. You'll meet a unique trio of protagonists as you play this engaging turn-based tactical RPG: a mutant, a pig-man, and an anthropomorphic duck. They travel to the ruins of society together, facing the harsh reality of their life. The game's blend of X-COM-inspired tactical action and a perfectly calibrated stealth engine is one of its major elements. Combat necessitates considerable deliberation and strategic planning, as posture is critical in getting an advantage over opponents. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose whether to confront adversaries head-on or skillfully evade them using stealth. This adds an additional layer of depth to the gameplay, providing you with various approaches to overcome challenges.

Mutant Year Zero - Road to Eden

2. Bad North

Bad North is an indie strategy game that exudes beauty through its remarkable art style. While its gameplay is outstanding, it's the visuals that truly shine, captivating players with stunning character portraits, abstract islands, and endearing miniature soldiers. These elements come together to create moments of surprising tranquility. Beyond its visual appeal, Bad North is a brilliant game in its own right. It offers a simple strategy experience that is perfect for newcomers to the genre. You won't find yourself overwhelmed with managing countless soldiers or grappling with complex mechanics. Instead, you'll focus on controlling a small group of troops and defending modest islands against waves of enemies. However, don't mistake its simplicity for a lack of enjoyment. Bad North maintains a consistently engaging experience throughout, making it an ideal indie strategy game to pick up and play.

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Bad North

1. Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a unique city-building game that goes beyond survival, challenging players to solve ethical dilemmas. In a world devastated by climate change, you must manage the last city on Earth and save humanity from an icy demise. This requires tough decision-making and testing your leadership skills. You'll create laws, restructure society, and establish a new way of life in a deadly environment. Maintaining hope among your people is crucial, and heat is a valuable resource. Keeping the furnace burning may force you to make difficult choices, even sacrificing some for the greater good. Frostpunk forces you to confront moral dilemmas rarely seen in strategy games, emphasizing the human cost of your decisions.


5 Best Indie Strategy Games You Should Play
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