Dave the Diver Recipes and 10 Best Dishes to Cook

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Dave the Diver Recipes and 10 Best Dishes to Cook

These are the best Dave the Diver recipes, the fish dishes that are going to give the best return for your time in-game.

Dave the Diver has become one of the most popular games of the year, and a big part of why it has struck such a chord with players is the recipes and food. Players have to run a sushi restaurant, catching fish, making sushi, and selling it. If you want to progress through the sim at a decent pace though, you’ll need to specialise quite a bit though. You’ll want to know what the best dishes are, and the Dave the Diver recipes to focus on in-game.

The best Dave the Diver dishes can make quite a bit of an improvement in your restaurant’s performance. There is tons to think about over the game though. There are more than 100 different fish. When you factor in all the veggies and other ingredients, things get a bit complicated. The full Dave the Diver recipes list is pretty long, but what are the best dishes?

These are the top fishey food that you’ll want to research and focus on in Dave the Diver. The best culinary treats which stand out from the others and that you should prioritise when searching out ingredients.

Best Dave the Diver Recipes

Boiled Sailfish and Seaweed

Best Dave the diver recipes

The sailfish is a high-value animal you can get in Dave the Diver, but it requires quite a bit of work. You will need to go under the shipwreck which really raises the bar for collecting it. However, once you do, you can start cooking some of the best Dave the Diver recipes like the Boiled Sailfish and Seaweed. This is a dish that’s purely built around the Sailfish, the other items in the recipe are relatively simple.

The fish is pretty simple outside of the more complicated fish you’ll need to collect. There is only some minor seasoning involved, you need the Sailfish meat, Kajime, Soy Sauce, and Southern Bull Kelp. Even at the base level, it attracts a decent price. Getting ingredients to sell high-value items like this are great for maximising your returns to get more Dave the Diver money.

Great Spider Crab and Cucumber Sushi

Best Dave the diver recipes

This is one of the best Dave of Diver dishes that requires you to branch out your skills a bit, You’ll need to know how to take down crabs to cook this one of the Dave the Diver recipes. If you can master that though, this is a better dish to make. It’s pretty profitable, especially considering the simpler ingredients. You need the spider crabs and cucumber here, but the payoff is decent for something so simple.

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Killing crabs isn’t too hard. To do it, you’ll need to drop rocks on the grabs rather than your harpoon. Cucumber is pretty basic too, you just need to grow it. The dish carries a price of 324 which is really high considering how simple the ingredients are. Don’t ask too many questions about the pricing structure as this one pays off pretty well.

Deep Fish Tempura

Best Dave the diver recipes

The Tempura is another highlight of the Dave the Diver recipes list. It’s one of the more complicated due to the ingredients. You’ll need to go both deep diving and to the Glacial area to collect everything. Getting stocked up will pay off though, this is a dish which has a lot of benefits for players.

The ingredients for the deep Fish Tempura are Cookiecutter Shark, Vampire Squid, Barreleye, and Kelp. It’s sold for 395 though which is definitely going to be a boost. If you’ve got the best Dave the Diver staff working In your kitchen too, you’ll be making loads off these more extravagant fish and this one of the best Dave the Diver dishes.

Tropical Sushi Fish Set

Best Dave the diver recipes

This sushi set is a real highlight for the visuals in the best Dave the Diver dishes, but its cost of 375 before any enhancement is a boost too. The Sushi set has a few harder-to-find fish, but it won’t be the most difficult here.

You need to collect the Titan Triggerfish, Harlequin Hind, and then the Coral Trout along with some basic rice. It doesn’t use too many ingredients for rapidly different places, no deep-sea creatures here. That makes it one of the better recipes out of the sushi.

Bluefin Tuna Rice Bowl

Best Dave the diver recipes

The Bluefin Tuna rice bowl is one the more complicated side of the best Dave the Diver recipes list. It uses pretty simple ingredients that Dave can grab easily, Bluefin Tuna, Rice, Egg, and Sesame Seed. It sells for 360 despite being so simple.

This is another one of the dishes that it’s just easy to make and gather. When it fetches such a high price, it’s something you can rely on. Lot. Use a lot of it to help out your supplies without having to search things out.

Yellowfin Tuna Steak

Best Dave the diver recipes

The Yellowfin Tuna Steak is another one of the best Dave the Diver dishes that carries too high of a price tag considering how simple it is. The Yellowfish Tuna actually goes for. For 305! It has basic ingredients too. Just requiring Yellowfin Tuna, Cherry Tomatoes, and olive oil. Pretty easy and you don’t even have to go very far to get it all.

The Yellowfin Tuna Steak is pretty basic. Catching the tuna itself can have a bit of a challenge. However, once you master catching them it has such a decent payoff it's worth it. Go for the Tuna every time you see a school to make the most out of this dish.

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Marlin and Soybean Paste Roast

Best Dave the diver recipes

There are a few fish in the Dave the Diver recipes list which are responsible for quite a big part of the best dishes, the Marlin is a big one of these. It’s really easy to find as this is a basic shallow-water fish. The meat is surprisingly high value considering how easy it is to find too. It’s the main ingredient of this dish, the Marlin and soybean paste roast.

This one of the best Dave the Diver recipes has three ingredients. You need Marlin, Garlic, and Miso. Given how easy Garlic and Miso are to get too, this should be cooked as much as possible. It’s a basic dish but one that should be part of the backbone of your restaurant.

Vegetable Sushi

Best Dave the diver recipes

One of the very best Dave the Diver dishes is a simple vegetable Sushi. It’s made up of really basic supplies, just stuff you can get on the farm. Vegetable Sushi is really easy to make but has a big price tag at nearly 500 once it’s upgraded a bit. Like the other simple ones here, it’s easy to make and pays off well.

Tomato Egg Soup

Best Dave the diver recipes

This is another one which is just too expensive for your customers. Since Dave is actually running the restaurant, this is a great dish to focus on! You can charge 380 for soup. It’s really simple and has a higher price than some of the more complicated ones here.

The Tomato Egg soup has just a few ingredients. There’s Grade A Egg, Cherry Tomatoes, and Black Pepper. You can nearly always have access to these ingredients. It’s one you can use without putting much effort into the game. One of the Dave the Diver recipes to rely on quite a bit.

Seasoned Waptia Fieldensis

Best Dave the diver recipes

The final pick for the best Dave the Diver dishes is the seasoned Waptia Fieldensi. It involves one of the higher-value fish in the entire ocean. This is a bit more complicated to put together though. You’ll have to head into Hydrothermal vents to get the items for this one, but it definitely pays off.

The ingredients here are the Waptia Fieldensis, Cucumber, Black Coral, and Black Vinegar. The coral is maybe the hardest bit to pick up but it is worth it given the cost of this dish. You’ll get 425 for the basic version of the dish, so it’s great to sell this consistency.

Best Dave the Diver Dishes

Those are the best Dave the Diver recipes. These dishes should be enough to carry you through most of the game! They contain items which are relatively easy to find and have an outsized payoff. If you’re using the right stuff to cook and serve, most of these will help you keep the restaurant running pretty smoothly and keep making progress in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver Recipes and 10 Best Dishes to Cook
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