How to Reduce CS2 Lag: Dataminer Reveals Internet Speed Tweak

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How to Reduce CS2 Lag: Dataminer Reveals Internet Speed Tweak

Having trouble playing CS2 because of your poor internet connection? A dataminer has revealed how to reduce CS2 lag with some internet speed tweak

Counter-Strike 2 has marked the dawn of a new era for the franchise. Since the game is in its early stages, however, it's riddled with various issues. Valve is tirelessly pushing out updates to enhance the overall experience, while the CS2 community itself is actively brainstorming inventive fixes. CS2 lag and frame drop have remained persistent complaints, possibly stemming from unoptimized settings or inadequate internet speeds. Dataminer Thour appears to have uncovered a potential solution to this problem.

How to Reduce CS2 Lag Caused by a Weak Internet Connection

Thour discovered a smart trick to improve data exchange in CS2 with Valve servers. By using a specific console command, he boosted data transmission rates by an impressive 27%. Thour shared the details of this breakthrough on Twitter, explaining how it could greatly enhance the gaming experience at any internet speed and significantly reduce CS2 lag.

This increase in data exchange means players get better opponent details in CS2, like animations, positions, and actions during play. To set this, use the console (default key “~”) and type “Rate XXXX,” replacing XXXX with your Internet Speed Connection multiplied by 13107.2. Doing this can notably improve interactions between players in CS2, making gameplay more accurate and responsive.

If your bandwidth is 20 Mbps (equals around 2.5 MBps), for instance, set the rate to 262144. If your bandwidth is 40 Mbps (approximately 5 MBps), adjust the rate to 524288. Just remember, in CS2, the highest available rate is 786432, even though you can set it to 1 million.

How to Reduce CS2 Lag: Dataminer Reveals Internet Speed Tweak

Credit: Faze Clan

Thour pointed out that among the professional CS2 players he observed, Robin “ropz” Kool was the only one seen utilizing this command. As a rifler for FaZe Clan, ropz is renowned for his meticulous attention to game intricacies, consistently seeking out any potential advantage in the game.

How to Reduce CS2 Lag: Dataminer Reveals Internet Speed Tweak
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