How to Increase CS2 FPS: Dataminer Reveals Incredible Tip for Max FPS

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How to Increase CS2 FPS: Dataminer Reveals Incredible Tip for Max FPS

We all want to play Counter-Strike 2 in max FPS, so this strategy to increase CS2 FPS can be a very effective way to boost your playing experience

Counter-Strike 2 has been officially out for quite a few months now, but still, players are finding newer ways to tweak the playing experience. Better FPS boosts visibility and grants players a vital competitive edge. If you have been wondering how to increase CS2 FPS, renowned dataminer Thour has come up with a working solution. Let’s analyze his findings and discover how to take advantage of the improved visuals and lighting of the Counter-Strike sequel.

How to Increase CS2 FPS: Thor Shares Max FPS Hack

Thour, a dataminer, tested FPS on various PC configurations and concluded that CPU power is more crucial than video cards. He found that weaker processors bottleneck performance. Thour shared his findings on X.

The dataminer chose GPUs from different ranges, the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and GeForce RTX 4060, but paired them with an outdated processor. The game's average frames per second increased by only 5%, from 351 to 367.

How to Increase CS2 FPS: Dataminer Reveals Incredible Tip for Max FPS

Credit: Thour on X

“If someone tells you, ‘CounterStrike 2 is not CPU-intensive,' they are completely wrong,” he writes. “Here is the benchmark that I did on my PC. Literally, less than a 5% FPS boost on switching to a much better GPU. Reason? Bottlenecked by CPU.”

“Switching to a better CPU, like Ryzen 7800X3D or Intel i7-14700KF, will give you the biggest FPS boost.”

How Many FPS Can Your PC Get in CS2?

The highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 launched with a bang, attracting 1.4 million players on day one. Its graphical upgrade comes at a cost, however, as it was revealed that it demands more hardware juice than its predecessor. Techpowerup, an analytical service, ran tests using 40 GPUs to investigate FPS across different video processors.

The test results point out that the new game places significantly more emphasis on the graphics processing unit (GPU) for performance, unlike CSGO's more balanced CPU-GPU reliance. The test revealed a maximum FPS of up to 457 with the most advanced GPU, the RTX 4090 24 GB. The FPS gradually decreases as the GPUs downgrade, yielding the lowest FPS return of 34 with the GTX 1630 4 GB.

That means you need to invest in both better CPUs and GPUs to get better FPS in CS2. Pairing up an updated GPU with an outdated CPU, or vice versa, will decrease FPS.

How to Increase CS2 FPS: Dataminer Reveals Incredible Tip for Max FPS
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