How to Have Fun on Broken Moon: Apex Legends

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How to Have Fun on Broken Moon: Apex Legends

With the new ranked split, Broken Moon became the new map for players to show off their skills. This guide aims to help you have fun on Broken Moon in Apex Legends

When Broken Moon dropped in Apex Legends on season 15, fans were split on the design. On one hand, people criticized the sheer size of it, leading to a lot of running around without fights. On the other, people loved the addition of zip rails to the map and some beautiful points of interest (POIs). The overall opinion was that the map was difficult to play on and a horrible ranked map.

Despite the criticism, the map has returned to ranked games this split of the season. We aim to help you learn the gimmicks the map has to offer and how to dominate the battlefield best. We’ll also look into how to have fun in casuals to learn the map to heart.

How to Have Fun on Broken Moon: Casual

How to Have Fun on Broken Moon: Apex Legends
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Broken Moon can get boring due to the vast size of the map. The large size often leads to a lot of downtime between fights, making the match tedious. At the same time, the map has many open areas, which allows players to get third-partied easily.

In order to avoid these situations, here are a few steps you can follow:

Hot Drops

Hot dropping on this map is crucial as it leads to early high-kill encounters. While it is a high-risk, high-reward it becomes stagnant if you do not get into the fight early. This leads to you being unprepared for late game when teams already have their armor upgraded to the max while you are stuck with level 2 armor.

Hot drops will allow you to get high-damage fights early on in the game, enabling you to get adrenaline running through your system. This will also let you get better loot early in games, as most hot drop spots are great for high-tier loot.

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Zip Rail

The new feature that Broken Moon brought to the game is Zip Rails. These allow quick repositioning throughout the map, allowing for more effortless rotations. These rails allow fast transit between different POIs, enabling more engagement in one game.

Combining zip rails with hot dropping is a significant tool for success and enjoyment on the map. Most hot drops are connected to equally contested spots through these zip rails. This will allow you to quickly clear up a hot drop and immediately third-party another team at another POI. Most enemies do not expect a direct third party, making engaging with them doubly important.

These two tips alone can improve your games on the map and make the match more fun and engaging.

How to be Better in Ranked

How to Have Fun on Broken Moon: Apex Legends

For ranked games, learning what POI serves what purpose is essential. Each POI has a different way of playing through them, and hot-dropping without prior knowledge can quickly lead to losing the upper hand in a battle. Additionally, knowing what gun type to use on the map is vital to succeed. Some legends also have abilities that make the map easier to maneuver and get the upper hand.

Weapon Selection

Broken Moon is a map with large open spaces. This makes long-range weapons the meta on the map. Marksman weapons and Snipers particularly have an advantage. Guns like the 30-30 Repeater and Sentinel Sniper are extremely useful. They allow you to damage the enemy and keep the pressure on them constantly. They also allow for early knockdowns and give your team an advantage before engaging in close-range combat.

Legend Selection

Legends are essential to doing good in Apex. We recommend a team composition of at least one recon legend backed up by a defensive legend and a support or skirmisher Legend. These compositions will allow teams to get knowledge of the map’s ring location and enemies’ positions.

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Most skirmisher Legends in the game have fantastic movement capabilities. This allows them to get to the high ground fast while helping their teammates position more quickly in a fight.

An example of such a team would be:

  • Bloodhound: A recon Legend that can scan ring consoles to reveal enemy positions. They can also scan areas to reveal nearby enemy locations if they are ratting in a POI.
  • Valkyrie: A skirmisher Legend that allows for quick rotations through the map due to her ultimate being one of the best for repositioning. She can also use her passive to get the high ground using her jet packs and secure kills.
  • Catalyst: A defensive Legend that can easily block doors and trap enemies. She can scan consoles in the map that provide her with locations of the successive rings, allowing for better positioning.

Learning Choke Points

The map has a few choke points mid-game that lead to unnecessary engagement and dying off early.  Learning where the choke points are and how to be aggressive is essential to improve in ranked games.

The most significant choke point on the map is the North and South Promenade. Players from all over the map diverge in this area because it is a central POI, and most zip rails lead there. To tackle this better, you must prepare for these areas early in the game. Upgraded armor and strong, fully equipped weapons provide an advantage over most teams sitting there. On top of that, you can choose to camp near these choke points and attack when other teams engage each other to come out on top.


Broken Moon, while a large map, can be entertaining to play on. The map allows impressive opportunities for great early games with multiple hot-drop POIs. It also allows quick engagement using the zip rails sprinkled throughout the map.

How to Have Fun on Broken Moon: Apex Legends
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