How to Climb Ranks in Apex Legends

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How to Climb Ranks in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most challenging games to get good at. This guide aims to help you climb Ranks in Apex Legends

Climbing the ranks in Apex Legends can be a daunting task. With its unique Legends, gunplay, and movement, the game can get overbearing in a competitive setting. It also has a ranked system that can take time to get used to. It becomes effortless to get hard-stuck on a particular rank. This guide aims to mitigate that problem and help you reach the Predator rank.

The Apex Legends Rank System

The game has eight different ranks. They are:

  • Rookie – 0 LP
  • Bronze – 1,000 LP
  • Silver – 5,000 LP
  • Gold – 9,000 LP
  • Platinum – 13,000 LP
  • Diamond – 17,000 LP
  • Master – 21,000 LP
  • Apex Predator – Top 750 players

Each rank has its specific requirement. However, this guide aims to give an overall understanding of how to improve your game.

We have boiled down the top three tips that will help a player drastically improve.

Tips to Climb Ranks in Apex Legends

The tips we compiled are the most essential things every player must learn to get good at the game. They are knowledge, teamwork, movement, and positioning. All of them come together to make the perfect plays in the game.

Tip 1: Knowledge

How to Climb Ranks in Apex Legends

Credit: EA

Knowledge is power in Apex Legends. The player has to be aware of multiple things when they start playing. This section will break down the critical parts to keep information about while playing.

Legend Knowledge

In Apex, knowing what each Legend is capable of in the game is crucial. Legends have unique abilities that keep each fight different from the other. Knowing these abilities is vital as they often define who wins the battle.
The player has to learn the ability of the Legend that they play first and foremost. At the same time, they must understand the other Legends' abilities to know how to counter them best. Apex often becomes a game of who can outplay the other team better.

Map Knowledge

Knowing the ins and outs of each map is critical to get better positioning in the game. Every map has unique quirks that players can use to their team’s advantage. Understanding where to camp or where to ambush from becomes a life-or-death decision.

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Map knowledge also extends to knowing where the enemies are on the map. The opponent’s positions are what players can use to their advantage. This may be learning how they rotate or how they approach a building, all of which must be considered. The knowledge will help a team counter-attack the other nine out of ten times and win the ensuing conflict.

The Recon and Defensive Legends can scan beacons spread throughout the map to provide intel on map closings and enemy positions.

Knowing where the ring closes is also essential to get a better position in a fight. Teams can rotate according to ring closings and predict where enemies will enter form. Doing this will drastically improve the squad's ability to win contests.

Gun Knowledge

Gunplay is one of Apex’s most unique aspects. Knowing which gun defines the current meta is extremely important to get better at the game. The difference between gun power can decide a one versus one. A better gun always wins when two skilled players are duking it out with each other.

Tip 2: Teamwork

How to Climb Ranks in Apex Legends

From its inception, Apex Legends has been a team-based game. Therefore, it is no surprise that having a good team will decide whether a player wins or not. Having the right teammates and composition is crucial for ranked games.

Stop Solo Queuing

When playing ranked, a player must have a team before getting into a match. The team has to be with people that they know and trust. Each player in the team has to have different roles from one another. Having three Legends of the same class will not help anyone win games.

Solo queues do not allow such luxuries. The unpredictable matchmaking of the game can be detrimental to an individual. Players are usually matched with others who are at different skill levels. This causes uneven team composition and the loss of League Points.

Team Composition

A pre-determined team is essential, but a team with proper composition is more important. Each player will choose a Legend that fits into a particular role. Each team should have one defensive Legend, one assault, and one support/recon. This will give each player a job to do while in the game. Therefore, balanced teams are essential as each can help the other as required throughout the game.

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Tip 3: Movement and Positioning

How to Climb Ranks in Apex Legends

Credit: EA

Movement is the most unique aspect of Apex Legends. That also makes it one of Apex’s main features to master.

Positioning in the game goes hand in hand with movement, as most gun fights comprise moving in and out of cover. Mastering these two aspects of the game alone can make any plate win most gunfights. That is also why characters specializing in movement are so prevalent in ranked.


Using Legends that are good at moving around their environments will always be top picks. This is because movement will influence how opponents approach you. A player with good movement can engage an opposing team before they can reach them. The player that gets their shots in first will almost always win the fight. Additionally, good movement allows players to disengage from fights and help their downed teammates quickly.

Furthermore, moving quickly from cover to cover is extremely important as that is the primary way to defend oneself from bullets. Being good at moving from point A to point B can also allow players to jump gaps they would not have been able to before, allowing them to reach cover further away.


Gaining the best position in any battle is paramount. The player who is in a better always has the advantage. Players always have to watch for cover in a particular area. They must also know their surroundings and where enemies may be hiding.

Learning what defines a good position will make such encounters easy. Every player at a Predator rank got there due to positioning themselves in the most advantageous place. Additionally, higher ground is always king in conflicts. A higher angle allows players to shoot others hiding behind cover. Not only that, but higher ground can also provide knowledge of surrounding areas. Recon Legends can make the most of such an advantage by gathering intel on opposing teams.


Climbing the ranks in Apex boils down to the best team composition and knowing your opponents. Once players can hone their skills along with their squad, they will always get better in the game.

All the tips provided can give a player a game sense, which is the principle of any good player.

How to Climb Ranks in Apex Legends
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