Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

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Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

The battle royale Apex Legends, has been out for 4 years now. We've compiled the best skins in Apex Legends thus far

Apex Legends has consistently pumped out amazing skins for their legends. The characters have unique skins designed according to their lore and personality. Today, we will be looking into some must-buy skins that you can spend your Apex coins on.

The game features 26 playable legends. All of them have some great skins, but today we will be looking at the best of the bunch. That also means not all legends will be featured here. So, we’ve chosen skins from some of the most played legends. Here are our top 10 best skins you should buy if you have not already:

The Top Ten Skins in Apex Legends

We've selected the skins based on the ones available in the store at all times. This is to make sure this list is relevant no matter when you're viewing this!

10. Valkyrie – Slingshot

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

The Legendary Skin brings a lot to the Winged Avenger. Coming in hot with a fresh haircut and a military-like look on her armor and VTOL Jets. Adding a fresh coat of red to her bodysuit makes the wings particularly pop. Additionally, you can also see the beautifully made gloves from the first-person model making it one of the only skins that can be viewed while holding a gun.

9. Revenant – Necro Nightmare

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

Credit: Gamespot

Revenant is an assassin and werewolves are hungry killers. Together, the Necro Nightmare is born. Releasing during the Fright Night event, the skin takes a cybernetic approach of being a Van Hellsing werewolf. The skin also keeps a split skull of the original revenant’s head, further intensifying the horror of the skin. The bandaged forearm is also seen from the first-person model. It adds more to the feral aesthetic of the character.

8. Pathfinder – Bad Bot

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

The skin is what it says it is. A Bad Bot. The skin is completely in line with Pathfinder’s personality. The juvenile robot often tries to portray himself in a much more brash character. This makes him put on a gold chain, a bandanna, and even gold refurbishments on his metal plating. He does all this, trying to seem cool. Not to mention, the first-person model also features “brass knuckles” on his robot hands. He also updates his chest screen wallpaper from a smiley to a skull.

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7. Fuse – Broseidon

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

Imagine your Australian penfriend cosplaying as a Greek God. This is the result. The Broseidon features a complete rework of all of Fuse’s aesthetics. The skin also changes up his Motherlode, the huge turret on his back. It gives a Cyberpunk Poseidon vibe and has many new trinkets all along his body. The skin also separates his prosthetic arm from his regular arm in a fun way visible from the first-person view.

6. Loba – Purple Reign

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

Credit: Inspectshow

The Purple Reign, obviously a reference to Prince’s Iconic song Purple Rain, is a beautifully crafted skin for the Translocating Thief. The skin shows off Loba’s assassin side as well with the addition of the daggers on her back. The skin also features LED lights down her high-heeled riding boots. The skin also has intricate tattoo work on Loba which shows off her rogue nature.

5. Ash – Mercenary Mystique

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

The Mercenary Mystique takes a gothic approach to Ash’s mercenary side. The skin has some tribal aspects to it that would make Bloodhound jealous. With a skull on her shoulder and the eagle's hood, the skin is reminiscent of the design of an Iron Maiden. The skin also adds detail to the legs of the legend and has two different hand models visible from the first person.

4. Lifeline – My Wave

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

Credit: InspectShow

If Lifeline provided medics to the denizens of Atlantis, this is what she would look like. The skin looks like the Black Manta from DC but done better. It features a scale pattern all over the lower body and sea shell breastplates. The skin represents a mermaid on land. Lifeline also has a pair of goggles and a flight drone on her back. She also has unique gauntlets that are visible from the first-person model.

3. Bloodhound – Royal Guard

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

If The Ghost of Tsushima ever decided to join the Apex games, this is what he would look like. The Royal Guard shows off a futuristic samurai look for Bloodhound. The skin has red armor plating reminiscent of traditional samurai armor. It also gives Bloodhound a new mask and hat adorned with traditional Japanese ornaments.

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2. Wraith – Void Specialist

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

The Void Specialist is one of Wraith’s most iconic looks. It is almost as well known as Wraith’s default skin and for good reason. The skin reworks wraith the original look and gives a dose of pink throughout. The pinks are contrasted very nicely with black highlights. The skin also shows off Wraith’s phasing gear and the intricacies that go into it. The skin also has a great first-person model featuring newly modeled gloves with additional trinkets.

1. Octane – Sea Legs

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends

Octane Sea Legs shows everything great about an anime collaboration with Apex. The skin is based on One Piece and done in the best way possible. The fuses both Octane and Monkey D. Luffy’s high-adrenaline personalities into one. It even goes one step further to add a version of Luffy’s iconic scar on Octane’s chest. The skin also features pirate-inspired jewelry and a face mask. The skin also has on theme gloves changing up the first-person model.

The overall aesthetic and tasteful collaboration of the two media is what gives this skin our number 1 pick.

Here’s our honorable mentions list that just shied away from the top 10:

  • Wattson – Lightning Spirit
  • Crypto – Strength and Power
  • Rampart – Sari not Sari
  • Mirage – Ghost Machine


The Apex store occasionally brings back some “Stories From the Outlands” skins. These skins are featured in Apex shorts of the same name and have backstories for the characters they feature. These skins are available for Wraith, Bangalore, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Valkyrie, and Lifeline. They also feature a character-select animation when the legend is picked with the skin equipped.


Overall, Apex provides a variety of different skins with some returning very rarely. This list is comprised of skins that are always available in the game. The game is constantly adding new skins through new collection events. Additionally, a Final Fantasy VII event is on the horizon which will bring forth a ton of new limited-time skins.

Must Buy Skins in Apex Legends
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